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  1. Thank you Jake for putting that preroll montage together. I was able to pinpoint the exact moment when I started listening to the podcast (EP 129: A Reminder). But I did go back and listen to the previous episode (128: Dear Mom) and vividly remember the Idle Thumbs Cabal/Quadrilateral Cowboy pre-roll. Everything after that was a total blast, and made me nostalgic for the now 3 1/2 years I've had Idle Thumbs on my feed. Thanks for all the great content everyone and I give Important If True a listen.
  2. This isn't really a typical situation though. Steam, Amazon and even Sony granting "no questions asked" refunds points to a possible larger issue with the game we might not know about. To me this might just be more of an Arkham Knight situation rather than a "we're so pissed off at Sean Murray we're going to sabotage his game" kind of deal. I took the L on No Man's Sky a week ago. I don't even care about the refund because I'd rather not have money just sitting in my PSN wallet. I will personally take the blame for falling for the pre-order hype machine. I knew that full well when I pre-ordered the NMS Limited Edition, canceled it to pre-order the standard edition, then canceled that to pre-order a digital version so that I could play it at midnight. I had three chances to talk myself out of it but I chose to go that route. I do agree when Rob says that the game has to stand on its own merit. As cold as it sounds I don't really care the amount of people that made the game or if Sean Murray is a dreamer. The game doesn't stand by itself as a $60 product for most people and there's a mountain of evidence, some of it as recent as a few months ago, that points to an inability by HG and Sony to temper expectations. Developer and publisher failed to engage in nuance discussion of the product so why are we surprised when consumers follow suit?
  3. Nothing major to add to the conversation. I'm just really really happy Rob and Danielle can geek out on the F1 sims as much as I do. <3
  4. Hey Chris. Here's the commercial you were thinking of. It's the Playstation 9! Coming in 2078! With improved retinal scanning and a mind control system!
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello everyone! Avid listener of Idle Thumbs and Idle Weekend who is also a YouTuber who works in the film industry. Love this place!