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  1. Episode 360: Hearts of Iron IV

    I'm mixed over HOI4 :/ I love the new production system, the politics system, the modding capabilities, and the alternate history possibilities And yet, i find the actual fighting just... distant and rather boring :C I think the biggest reason being the lack of Battle Results. You aren't told about the casualties on your side and the enemy's side in that battle. I think that was why I was able to prevail with HOI3 when I first started that game. Seeing divisions pitted against one another and then seeing how many casualties were inflicted or how many were lost to take that one province allowed me to 'role-play' (?) or visualize in my mind, with imagined battles inspired by documentary footages or war films. With that gone in HOI4, i have no connection to any division or battle :/ It seems like all that matters is you achieve this big large scale offensive or not. And even then it doesnt tell you how many were lost in this operation, only overall casualties from the entire war. Another big problem I have with the game is that save for the war historically starting in 1939 with the historical focus between Poland and Germany, it seems that... a.) Japan will always beat China and take it over b.) Germany will NEVER attack Russia, even when France is occupied. (It was 1943 before I decided to attack Germany since it seemed like Germany wasn't going to ever attack me, the soviets) c.) In my 5 full games i played, only ONCE did France fall to Germany D: And that was only because somehow Switzerland joined the Allies which triggered Spain to join the axis and declare war on France. And hilariously France was pushing Germany inwards before that happened O_o And even more pathetic was that I had a Germany Buff mod.... :sigh: The other 4 times France and Britain managed to land in Rome and then take over Germany So, the German AI is pretty bad and Japan just steamrolls through China with the historical focuses on. The former in particular robs me of my Great Patriotic War which I spent years preparing fortifications, choke points, and so on D: I have several other nitpicks but i'm sure that Paradox will eventually resolve (most of) them. Until there's Battle Results or the AI/Historical mode isn't so Alt-History (France + Britain defeating Germany, Japan taking over China, Germany never attacking the USSR), i think i'm going to sadly wait and not play the game till then :'C