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  1. [Release] Dead Letters

    Never mind, I found a janky work around... Dead Letters on Itchio
  2. [Release] Dead Letters

    Sadly, I don't think I can as I made it in scratch.
  3. [Release] Dead Letters

    Diversifiers: I think I managed the following... Dead to language - not only is language a central component, but it's a dead language too. Shallow copy - it's a restaurant manager game with no time pressure or resource management. Really it would benefit from these, but there y'are. Tone control - audio feedback from customers, in the form of expressive grunts.
  4. [RELEASE] Nasty/Good/Badass

    I very much enjoyed the gradual dystopian reveal of the game (3 endings so far, but its 2am so I might sleep...), and I enjoyed reading your epic log too. Thanks!
  5. Dead Letters (meadhall edition) Lil scratch game....
  6. Is there not a link, or have I just failed to find a link? Also, sweet art.
  7. [Release] Dead Letters

    Click to play! A list of things this game doesn't have: pie multiple levels lasting challenge convincing viking noises
  8. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    I like the oldskool "s" on the monitor
  9. [Release] Dead Letters

    Hi thank you! New special features... floating booze bottles three clueless barista-maids customers that know their order, AND whether or not you got it right a free-to-use runic font hastily (and probably inaccurately) translated old norse no furniture yet. who needs furniture?
  10. V late to the party, but so are the meadhall's visitors, so.... it's cool, I'll just shun all other commitments until Sunday.