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  1. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Awesome. Sorry for the late submission! Here's my WJ2016 entry! https://ckinniburgh.itch.io/wj2016
  2. Hello! I've been listen to Idle Thumbs for years and have always wanted to enter the Wizard Jam. This is the year. I've been slowly making my way through Stephen's Sausage Roll and thinking a lot about Sokoban style games. Stephen Lavelle created an open source puzzle engine called PuzzleScript that I've come across, but never made a game with. That changes today. In the game, you take the orange letters G, A, M, E, and you try and move them into the positions designated by blue N, A, M, and E. I hope to make it a bit more exciting than that as time goes on. I'm still improving the game, but it's currently playable.