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  1. Oh wow, the mention of "The Hunger" takes me back... The ALLIES group at my college watched that for a movie night, and after the fact we were poking around the DVD special features. In an interview, Susan Sarandon talks about how being in this movie really changed her fan base. We decided "changing your fan base" was the perfect euphemism for coming out and made up a batch of t-shirts that just read "I changed my fan base".
  2. I also am not personally familiar with Kim, but I had heard of it thanks to a story my dad likes to tell. Apparently, he and his brother were given Kim as a reading assignment. His brother didn't feel it had any redeeming value, and decided to use it for archery practice. After hitting it a few times, he went through, scoring points every time an arrow had passed through the word "Kim". Anyway, as a long time listener to the idle network, this is what gets me to create an account on the forum. Your non-video game tangents are part of what gives this podcast so much character. Good job, guys!