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  1. [Dev Log] The First Great Brand War

    Actually, Pico-8 was a fantasy console, but with recent technology, it's becoming more than just that! Enter the PocketCHIP, an interesting little handheld for $60-ish after shipping and handling! Next month, I should have one coming in the mail. This is what introduced me to Pico-8 in the first place, as well as allowed me to realize I already had a copy of Pico-8.
  2. [Dev Log] The First Great Brand War

    I've done no work in the past few days, and I'm having trouble just hunkering down and working. Part of this problem could be that I'm not sure what the actual meat of the game will entail. Initially, I was thinking about making a simple shmup-styled game or maybe a Tron lightbike thing, but I'm uncertain as of yet. It needs to be something easy to implement due to a combination of my middle-of-the-road skillset and the Pico-8's limitations. That aside, however, I'd like to add a bit of info on my dev environment, as people seem to be interested. For size's sake, I've made the images their smallest size, but you can click them to see a larger 4x zoom version, which is the zoom size I'm working at (I think?). Here's the coding screen, with a bit of the hacked-together code I've come up with. In the bottom right, you can see how many tokens I've used thus far, along with the maximum amount available. While it's kind of an interesting constraint, I don't foresee it becoming a problem really. Whatever game I'm making, I doubt it will be complex enough to run the risk of filling it. Also, the first two commented out lines become what's displayed on the cartridge when saved as a .png. Here's the spriting screen, with visible remnants of the initial shmup design in the second line. These were initially intended to be the bullets fired between the competing "warriors" on either side. Also visible is the 16-color palette, another constraint of the platform. It hasn't been too much of a problem, as I've only had to sprite bits and bobs of menus aside of brand logos. And this is the map screen, which I've been drawing from for the menu thus far. The warring brand pairs are each drawn from here as well, at least in the initial menu I've gotten done thus far. That being said, if you can think of a good and simple mechanic I should start with, I'd love to hear it. Here's the cartridge, in case you have Pico-8 and want to look at my code and the menu that's there so far:
  3. In honor of just discovering both Wizard Jam and Idle Thumbs roughly simultaneously, I figured I'd start in on a game! My first game jam, so don't expect much. Currently, all I have functioning is a War Select, though the cursor moves a bit faster than I'd like. You can currently choose between Coke v. Pepsi, Apple v. Microsoft, and Facebook v. Twitter. Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm using Pico-8, which has a limited palette of 16 preset colors, as well as several other interesting constraints.