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  1. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Nick was talking about his compulsion to glance at chat so he can thank new subscribers, even though it harms his ability to play. Have you looked into automatic sub/follow notifications at all? Feeona got her follow notifications up after one day of streaming, so you could probably ask her for help if needed. Also, fight that bullshit parking ticket. Edit: Once again, congrats on becoming a $255+ Dark Lord, Nick! Now Jake is the only regular cast member who isn't a Lord of some sort.
  2. If he joins it, I think it would be best to wait at least until arriving at the first boss door. Once there, though, I think he might as well take it for the extra souls. Whether or not to swap back should depend on how rapid internalization of DS2 mechanics is. But while still on DS1, I think it will be worth fighting the Hellkite Drake and the Undead Dragon since they're decent minibosses.
  3. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Could you please monitor the stream for at least a minute after starting?
  4. Feeona (of being in Twitch chat fame) started streaming DS1 today, and encountered an event worthy of Nick Breckon:
  5. Nick starts the stream Nick tries a shortcut Nick sees an amazing chest ahead Also, I'll be compiling the clips in the OP soon. If you have any clips, but haven't posted them, please do so, or send me a PM. All of your clips can be found at After the game is beaten, I plan on compiling them all into a single video; if there are any moments which haven't been clipped, remember that you can still make them from Twitch vods.
  6. He's fine using nuclear weapons He loves war, even nuclear war He has defended Putin annexing Crimea He has made it clear that he doesn't care about protecting our allies from war I would also like to briefly address the idea that we shouldn't take what he says seriously, as he may have only been a fringe outsider pandering for votes: And to be clear as well, the Nazis were never planning to commit genocide; all they wanted was to deport Jews and prevent them from entering Germany. Of course, nobody wanted to accept Jewish refugees, and it was far more economically sound to detain them, force labor from them, and murder them. While I don't think a Drumpf presidency would reach that level of evil in that way, not accepting the sincerity of evil statements is how authoritarians seize and maintain power.
  7. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I have no idea how it's determined whether or not sniping was noticed, but it has definitely seemed bizarre in my sniper only runs.
  8. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    For those who want to SASO this elusive target, use the default entrance with any silenced pistol, and some kind of activated explosive. Immediately go straight and take a left, then continue to the mechanic's workshop. From cover, shoot the power outlet on the puddle near the soldiers, then cause an explosion in the alcove to the puddle's right. An evacuation will be caused, and the target will run straight into an electrocution.
  9. Idle Thumbs Streams

    There's a new elusive target in Hitman, in case either of you are interested in playing it. And for fellow readers wanting a SASO, you can highlight this white text for an easy guide: Use the default entrance with any silenced pistol, and some kind of activated explosive. Immediately go straight and take a left, then continue to the mechanic's workshop. From cover, shoot the power outlet on the puddle near the soldiers, then cause an explosion in the alcove to the puddle's right. An evacuation will be caused, and the target will run straight into an electrocution.
  10. Now that I've retroactively made this thread, I've edited the first post to include the episodes and their names, and have begun skimming for (probably temporary) quotes to name older episodes from before naming started. If anyone has better suggestions for those, let me know. If you feel like making any changes, Nick & mods, I have no problems with you editing the OP yourself. PS Jake is best.
  11. After checking out some moveset videos, I think the Butcher Knife is probably going to be the best weapon for Nick if he goes for the normal upgrade path. For lightning he could stick with the Longsword, but I think going with the Zweihander, Man-Serpant Great Sword, or Claymore would be the best. Even though they're slower, I think it would still help to switch since they have longer reach, encourage better stamina usage, and aren't as easily spammed at open air in front of the boss.
  12. I just finished the Dark Souls vod, and it was a massive rebound after the past few hours. It was incredible to see Janel spontaneously do the Praise the Sun pose once O+S were defeated since she probably doesn't even know it's a thing. Anyway, here are some good clips: Also, Nick, to make The Wizard flume work, all you'll have to do is decrease the height of the end by 2m, which you can do gently across segments as a slope, or maybe even with the platform itself. Then it should be easy enough to connect the pieces.
  13. Idle Thumbs Streams

    It was tacitly agreed upon by a few people in chat that if you can beat this on stream, you are not a baby gamer. And now that you've made it to O&S, you can fully appreciate Dunkstein and Slamough. You need to get sleep Nick, but I think you might need this too.
  14. Idle Thumbs Streams

    If I remember details about the Idle Thumbs office stream set-up correctly, you play games on one machine, but have the actual streaming be done by another machine so that the stream doesn't divide CPU resources. Assuming you have another device (possibly even a tablet) at home, wouldn't you be able to connect it to your PC and do the same thing?
  15. You are the Fuckface Von Clownstick of Dark Souls. Also what Kyir said.
  16. Agreeing with others, thank you so much for releasing that discussion, as well as to Doug and others for handling that mess. As part of my 'healing,' I've been revisiting media that feels relevant to our current situation, in order to help consolidate my thoughts on the factors leading up to it, where it's heading, and to what extent it was anticipated. Tomorrow, I plan to rewatch Er Ist Wieder Da, which is based on a 2014 novel about if Hitler came back to the present and became a media sensation due to his irresistible outrageousness, his offering of 'simple brilliant truths' to the populace (particularly those who've felt ignored), and his ability to publicly admit that things aren't great for everyone. Based on my memory and rewatching clips, it's one of the most prescient pieces of media released in the past few years. For those potentially interested, I think this clip does a good job representing it:
  17. Nah. Even when he hasn't been making 'progress,' he's still been getting tastes of what the game has to offer when he eventually goes forward, and he's at least had enough guidance+intuition to not persist at things he's not ready for. To Nick: Those aren't literal maps of the games, they just represent the relative degrees of connectivity between areas. DS1's world isn't that connected.
  18. Idle Thumbs Streams

    According to the latest episode, yes.
  19. Idle Thumbs Streams

    1: Yes, we need to get the fuck off the home planet. 2: I think you should hold off 'ending' DS3 until the DLCs are fully out. Traditionally, DLC content is among the best stuff in Dark Souls, and even if the one that's out isn't great (I have no idea), there will be more, and if you end the game, you'll have to replay a lot of it to have access to the DLC. That said, I think you should move on to DS1 for now, and save the rest of DS3 for a chunk afterwards.
  20. I rewatched TNG's The Drumhead, and DS9's Past Tense. Great episodes that are even more pertinent than I expect prior to the rewatches.
  21. I've mostly been in bed for the past few days, unable to have more than momentary interest in anything video game related (except starting DEFCON and planning to replay Wasteland 2). I expected to start the podcast and stop upon accepting I wasn't in the mood, but that wasn't the case at all. Thanks for providing a solid hour of distraction.
  22. Idle Thumbs Streams

    The Planet Coaster beta starts on Wednesday for people willing to pay $4.50 extra: Edit: Awesome Hitman stream
  23. This clearly means more meme sharing is needed. Chuck Tingle and Zoe Quinn definitely have the back of Idle Thumbs:
  24. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Are there any plans to soon? Edit: The episode came out within 10 minutes of me posting this. Yeah, a CIVVI multiplayer stream would be awesome. To address some concerns that were brought up, you can set turn time limits, and all players go simultaneously except when at war. As far as stream set-up goes... maybe it could be like Sean vs. Olly in DayZ?
  25. Here's a video which explains why Valve made the Steam review changes, from before they were made: Steam groups were made by groups of developers specifically to give away copies of their games to random Steam users in exchange for raffle entries to possibly get good games. This was primarily done by the Digital Homicides of the world, whose games are small, bad, and have no publicity; the reviews would ultimately give a false sense to store browsers that a 100% positive game with 20 or so reviews may be a hidden gem. P.S. A Dishonored Halloween stream would be amazing