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  1. What a great stream. Also, how many subs are there now? I think you have enough for the next emote tier. EDIT FOR NEW THREAD Dark Souls 3 Dark Souls 3 part 1: "In my world, this is the ideal human form" Dark Souls 3 part 2: "You can just call him Ted Crews" Dark Souls 3 part 3: name Dark Souls 3 part 4: name Dark Souls 3 part 5: name Dark Souls 3 part 6: name Dark Souls 3 part 7: name Dark Souls 3 part 8: name Dark Souls 3 part 9: name Dark Souls 3 part 10: name Dark Souls 3 part 11: name Dark Souls Dark Souls part 1: "OH NO! OH NO! OH MY GOD NO! NO! Oh no! Oh god. Oh wow. Oh my god. Oh, man." Dark Souls part 2: "The running away from stuff part? I feel like I could do that as well as anybody else." Dark Souls part 3: "This doesn't feel like a shortcut anymore." It wasn't. Dark Souls part 4: "Is there a way forward? No, that's an abyss." Dark Souls part 5: The Long Dark Playthrough of the Soul Dark Souls part 6: Conquering the Nightmare Dark Souls part 7: "There are no quiet spots here! There are only ghosts!" Dark Souls part 8: An Unexpected Beginning Dark Souls part 9: "Manus, the guy that everyone's been talking about." Dark Souls part 10: "People will be very upset" Dark Souls part 11: "This game was getting very easy" Dark Souls part 12: "Yes! Sweet rock!" Dark Souls part 13: TRIUMPH Dark Souls 2 Dark Souls 2 part 1: untitled Dark Souls 2 part 2: untitled Dark Souls 2 part 3: untitled Dark Souls 2 part 4: untitled Dark Souls 2 part 5: untitled Dark Souls 2 part 6: untitled Dark Souls 2 part 7: untitled Dark Souls 2 part 8: still unnamed Dark Souls 2 part 9: name here Dark Souls 2 part 10: Hammer Madness Dark Souls 2 part 11: Invaded by dark spirit Papa Francisco! Dark Souls 2 part 12: "This is the good content!"
  2. Is this the current regular one, or the paid one?
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Edit: On the subject of these endorsements, I've been Jackbox games (and the similar game, Use Your Words) almost every week for people in the reader slack and some of the discord channels I'm in. is the join link for the server where we schedule our games if anyone would like to get in. We use Discord screenshare, so there isn't any delay unlike on Twitch.
  4. Aw, nothing on the Stanley Parable Dota 2 announcer pack!
  5. I remembered it as them reading a reader's story about trying to show his friend how cool Far Cry 2 was, only to die almost immediately by their grenade rolling back down the hill he threw it at.
  6. When looking to see if I could find Unkie Dunkie on Youtube, I came across "Booty Training Indian Meatballs Curried Rice Almond Baked Potato Three Ways Honey BBQ" and wish I could know what it was. Edit: I was very upset that you just passed over Unkie Dunkie, but listening to it now, I understand how as much as it's worth listening to, there is no conceivable way to discuss it.
  7. Idle Thumbs Streams

    @Nick Breckon do you plan on finishing Getting Over It on stream, or are you more likely to just play a different game? I've been holding off watching GOI speedruns just in case you return to it
  8. Adding to this, managers probably aren't going to get fired on a bad project for doing the standard approach which 'should logically' increase output, whereas they probably will for 'being negligent' and letting people 'slack off.' So while some managers may know what's better for the project, they're much more likely to know what's better for them.
  9. Depending on why you disliked The Force Awakens, you might really like The Last Jedi since so much of it felt like a "fuck you" to a lot of the areas in which TFA was incompetent, and even some of the worse ideas of the Original Trilogy. In general the story is driven by characters' motivations and how they respond to events, as opposed to a characters being morphed by the need to set up a moment in a story that desperately wants to one-up its predecessors. My non-spoilery takes on some ways in which that shakes out: Spooky oh-so-mysterious Snoke? Nobody gives a shit. Death Star but BIGGER DESTRUCTIVER? not size it's how you use it lol Where do Rey and her powers come from??!! Actually what matters is characterization. Our heroes return just as we imagined them! Well, there's actually a lot which is problematic with that mentality.
  10. I think this is still my favorite clip about that quality of Nick
  11. I too had the experience of suddenly getting a ton of robocalls. Fortunately, they have massively declined since downloading the Mr. Number app. I highly recommend getting it or a similar spam-call blocker. There was also some time between me finding out these calls were likely the scams Kyir posted about and me getting the app, so for some time I would always pick up the phone without saying anything until I knew it was safe. Even now, I typically only say "Hello" for unknown numbers until they identify themselves.
  12. The thread for the correct episode isn't up yet @Rob Zacny, so I'll instead post here. I bought this monitor about two weeks ago, and it's been entirely fine except for how it defaulted to 16-235 color range. Once solving that in the Nvidia control panel and adjusting the brightness, etc, I'm completely satisfied. Edit: Actually, my color issues are not as solved as I thought. I do not recommend it anymore.
  13. Now that Nick's identity as a saxxer is revealed, I am now requesting that he video call into someone's Far Cry 2 stream and improvise a soundtrack! Also, how loud are Quips? I have an electric toothbrush that I don't use because it's 79 decibels and extremely distressing.
  14. Idle Thumbs Streams

    YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Anything else is good too
  15. Before listening to this episode, I decided to watch Memento and The Prestige since I've been meaning to see them for years. The Prestige was incredible, and something I'll definitely watch again and am sure I'll enjoy even knowing how it plays out. Regarding Memento, however, I went in having already been spoiled, and I stopped watching about 30 minutes in because, as you apparently speculated, it really seems to rely on that uncertainty to not be completely boring. On the subject of Bioshocks, I really feel that Infinite ruined the first for me. Usually when follow-ups retroactively 'ruin' something, it's because the follow-up is so good that the first doesn't end up having anything going for it that the later work does, or because the newer work disillusions you with something about the first. For myself with Bioshock, I'm not sure the latter reason applies (the first definitely doesn't), but I've found that returning to the first after Infinite far less interesting or good than my first playthrough, even though I had already known the twist ahead of time
  16. Streaming this was such a good thing!
  17. I definitely want to see some more ridiculous SC2 match-ups! Nick, you should rematch Superhiero with Janel!
  18. Thanks to this episode, I started buying the Kit-Kats for assholes at work and they're great!
  19. I'll use these posts as a springboard to say that I've been relistening to the series at work, and the great editing is present in almost every episode. I've been wanting to mention the great audio work for months, but never felt it was enough to base an entire post on. I would also like to mention that this is a great podcast to relisten to. It seems that I usually only remember one big thing per episode, enjoy hearing those things again as well as the smaller details, and then once again get caught off guard by the other sections. It's also interesting to notice things, with future episodes in mind. Early in episode 13, it's brought up how there's been so much chicken content, it could have been stored up for an entire chicken-cast, and Chris or Nick speculates that people may begin to tire of chicken content. Almost as if a monkey paw caused this episode's universe reconstruction, Jake exclaimed "Chicken shit!" and the next episode began with Landis' poop story...
  20. I was having a fairly bad Friday night, but listening to this had me howling in laughter for so long. Also, I think The Woman's Poop should be a contender for being one of the brains.
  21. Idle Thumbs dream stream: Jake plays any game while Nick talks about the one boring day of his life and Chris eats a PB&J sandwich.
  22. This episode was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. 100%n 100%j 100%c