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  1. Episode 372: Chris Park and Arcen Games

    Already happy to say I enjoyed the "afterdark" episode, and would like it repeated (maybe once every 2-3 months). Generally, I like the variety of 3MA, a game review one week, an analysis of a broader game theme the next, Bruce talking board games or meeting a designer, drop in the occasional paradox love-in and a classic game analysis + the wide range of panelists, regular and irregular = great podcast. Also, I am a bit surprised at how little research you do on your audience, who we are, what we like etc. Such research might be quite interesting (and surprising) to you in terms of where you focus your limited time and funds for the show in the future. As an aside I'd be fascinated to find out who listens to the podcast. Also, whilst I'm not suggesting you try to aggressively monetise your listener base, you did try inviting adverts a while back as a revenue stream, a more detailed understanding of who your audience is might help with this. Also, for the record, I have no issue with your plosives. K
  2. Episode 371: 3MA After Dark

    Just to echo some of the other comments, really great just to hear what you guys are playing/reading/thinking about. Would really enjoy hearing a similar episode with some of the other regulars. Also Troy - my "red-eye" games Commander: The great war - WW1 Grand strategy Vietnam '65 - you know already Auro - nifty little monster bumping game - deeper than it looks at first glance Poytopia - condensed 4x game, basic but fun and quick Dream Quest - deck builder, basic graphics but very deep strategy Transport Tycoon - still waiting on that port of Sid Meier's railroad tycoon 3, this scratches the itch in the meantime.
  3. Episode 352: Atlantic Fleet

    Hi - long time listener, first time poster. Great episode and I think the summary was good - it's a $10 game... The secret to ASW is counter intuitively to use torpedoes - get your destroyer as close as possible and let loose a salvo. I won the Battle of the Atlantic by 1941 through this exploit. I think some of the later ships had hedgehogs and squid systems fitted - but never persisted long enough to get those options. Generally the game is a unbalanced as a naval warfare simulator, but it has rewhetted my appetite for some big gun action.The last thing I played was Fighting Steel from SSI...