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  1. Actually it was passive agressive, and twice as cowardly posting this after you ban me from the site. Don't worry though, I'm not going to bother, though I'm so disapointed you jumped to a conclusion without actually reading what I wrote (Which was always polite and never personal). The people I accused of Trolling me was not because they disagreed, but because they were trolling me (in a nice way).. really read the comments below and tell me that wasn't people taking the mick: So what you're saying is that Paint Drying game is a 10/10, because it perfectly does exactly what it means to? The Division was clearly trying to be a game about orcs, but it fails miserably at it. 3/10. Objectively speaking, no one complemented the fancy new chinos I scored in the Division, the loot system clearly is not working as intended. I agree, 3/10. And the final one, the one you accused me of "not answering" was: A car is supposed to drive you places. What is a game supposed to do?Which was either Trolling, or ignorance - and I asked because assuming the above was a serious question is garbage. So as an admin you bring shame on those of us who take it seriously. Go read it all back and realise you jumped to the wrong conclusion. After Rob and Danielle discussed this seriously on the episode, and I have been polite throughout I expected more, but enjoy the cowardly powertrip and next time remember the Spiderman clause.