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  1. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    Note: I have not had time to implement a save system so there is currently no way to save progress - sorry about that
  2. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    Thank you! It's very rewarding to see someone enjoying a game I made! Your stream was fun to watch - only wish I had been around for the live version to give a hint for that last puzzle set. I'm adding a screenshot of the solution to that first one to this post - I think you drew every possible solution except this stupidly simple one There is of course a logic behind the symbols, but I think it's hard to figure out without brute forcing the first ones, so I may need to make a smaller first grid. Can't believe I forgot to capitalize Earth! Thanks for playing
  3. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    You played the new version of the game, compared to the other people here, and it was good to see that my changes made things smoother. From your stream it did seem that playing in full-screen causes the cross-hair to be miss-aligned; the green buttons and desk drawer are all clickable but didn't respond in your play through! Sorry about that (but thanks for catching a bug)! I like your suggestion for audiovisual feedback and I think I'll try to add that in. Thanks for playing and giving feedback
  4. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment; I appreciate it! And congrats and solving the first set I was somewhat trying to follow The Witness's design pattern in terms of teaching the player the mechanics, but that turned out to be a rather ambitious goal for a jam game! As you said, it's difficult to discern if the rules will actually become obvious to players; I watched one of my friends do the puzzles and it's interesting to hear all the "alternative" solutions he came up with that had never even crossed my mind. I was actually worried that the puzzles on the first laptop (now those at Desk 301) were too easy after you figured out the mechanic, so I thought I needed to put more weight into the figuring out the rule part there. I agree with your point about the number puzzles - there are so many possible ways to interpret the numbers that it is hard to discern the rule! I've changed the numbers to symbols in the new version, which I think works better. If you're curious, the way it worked was: The laptop bug is solved in the new version cause you no longer drag the laptop. I also made all the laptops available at once so that there is no prescribed order in which you have to do puzzles, and there are some "light" instructions.
  5. [RELEASE] - Rolling with the Pope

    I too enjoyed the audio! My other favorite part is the way the buildings move/rotate across each other. Definitely a cool take on a title!
  6. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    Thanks for giving feedback everyone! I am working on a new version with more instructions/hints and a different set-up (you can now run around to access different laptops with different puzzle types) that will hopefully go up tomorrow. Also more things to click on It's hard to assess how difficult/obvious something is when you're making it!
  7. [RELEASE] Nasty/Good/Badass

    I enjoyed your writing a lot - such a good/creative take on a personality test! The slow reveal was most rewarding in the first play-through, but I kept playing to get at other thought-provoking questions afterwards. Your log is impressive too! Glad I didn't read too much of it till after playing though.
  8. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    I made some late changes based on feedback but now there is finally a "final" version of my game up! I updated the top post description as well. PS. I'm dumb and can't figure out how to change the topic to [Release] ?
  9. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    Yes! That's kind of what I'm going for The grids ended up being smaller than the one shown but my game has turned into a not-so-subtle ode to the Witness (which I loved).
  10. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    Progress screenshots! I'll probably get rid off the silly plants. Clicking the laptop screen zooms you in (see 2nd pic) - the grid there is a framework for the decoder puzzle I'm working on.
  11. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    Thanks! I'm going to make a little video of the animations soon. What the game is actually about is still sort of a mystery though... Unity, and SketchUp for all the models. I wanted to make all my own assets, though I'm not sure how I'll do sound.
  12. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    Here's a screenshot of what I've been working on! Not on artist so I just made some simple models in sketchup. Making this game on my own now so it will probably be pretty small.
  13. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    EDIT: Changed the description then changed it back
  14. You work for the Computer Processing Unit, a division devoted to the inspection of enigmatic computers from foreign worlds. As the only employee present, you must uncover important data on laptops stored in desks around the office. Each laptop contains a series of different Witness-inspired puzzles; these can be solved in any order. A map on the wall shows your overall progress. Link to the game page In short: An XCOM-themed Witness fan-game.