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  1. Hi guys, I'm a big fan of Grand Strategy games and other strategy games as well. Do you remember to The Romance Of the Three Kingdom III? That was one of my big favorites, but honestly it's not an easy task to tell me strategy games that I don't know at least at the basic level (but not impossible though) I'm here because I'm working on a strategy game called Animal Dominion, and I'd like to build a player base for the before the start. The game is in an early stage but I'm going to allocate more time for the project after May. There are only a very few online GS around... although we have many (especially browser based) strategy games, they are based on a totally different game mechanism. In my game you will be able to get new territories by using your officers just like in The Romance Of the Three Kingdom series, but you won't control battles like the Europe Universalis series. It's an indie project so graphics won't be under the focus, but I can tell you that I have a stable networking solution, and a working server program that is the most difficult part in creating MMO games. You can read more about this whole stuff here: where you can register to my newsletter if you are interested. (please prefer the newsletter, because it's likely that I won't be able to reach you via my facebook page... facebook s##cks) It would be a pleasure to see you there. I'm creating this game because I'd like to play one like that... let's join to me and share my page if you love the genre as well. And of course you can write me back here as well, I will came back here time after time! Thanks!