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  1. Episode 350: Aging Gracefully

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree with what Rob said about Steel Panthers. The game is still being actively developed and update by the Camo Workshop and, in my opinion, it holds up extremely well up to this day. Rob complained about the turn resolution length, but that's a complaint I don't understand, coming from him. Can't that be said for ALL TBS hex-and-counter games? Besides, WinSPWWII has extensive options to speed up AI turn resolution. It also has an option to speed up artillery phase. Honestly, Rob's comments irked me because all of his points against the game are moot, in my opinion, and I feel they don't do the game justice. Even the graphics are not THAT bad, compared to standard hex-and-counter fare (the paid version sold by Shrapnel scales nicely to my desktop resolution). I know I sound like SP's mom here... But the game has a level of care, dev support (a new update just came out), customizability and sheer replay value that you don't often see in this day and age... Just my 2 cents. Otherwise, great show as usual, and thanks for another brilliant episode to help me trudge through my workday, Mr. Zacny!