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  1. Episode 350: Aging Gracefully

    I'd be quite interested in your take on Empire Earth - in my opinion, a game quite similar in appeal to Rise of Nations, and with three iterations nicely bracketing Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends. Like RoN, it requires you to build multiple bases to stay competitive (and not just for territorial control ; it has a similar cap on "buildings per base") Like RoN, it follows technology from very early civilizations to the "modern era" And, like RoN (IMO) - the final iteration just didn't tick (m)any of the boxes that earlier iterations did, leaving an earlier iteration as the one that "stood the test of time" For me, it actually holds MORE continued appeal than RoN does (thanks to GoG and Steam, I can enjoy both, but still..) If you have played it - how would you say it fit the narrative? (if you haven't - do so )