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  1. I think it's the photo from this episode
  2. Thanks so much Danielle for the mention; I'm so glad someone else knows about DK Tropical Freeze! It's the best platformer in recent memory and I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when friends who purportedly are really into platformers brush it off so callously because they don't like Nintendo. It's hard and it's gorgeous and it's straight from the vein of what's always been great about DK Country games. Just about everything Retro Studios makes is pure gold and I wish everyone everywhere would give them a fairer shot. DK Country Freeze along with DK Country Returns are truly great platformers for the sake of platforming, in an old way you just don't see enough of anymore. I wish they were as huge as they deserve. SO happy to hear the mention. I now have to re-listen to the second half of the podcast 'cause I was too busy joining the forums and typing this up to hear any of it. Sincerely, Also a Danielle