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  1. Star Trek Bridge Crew, Goggles or No

    This is the one game recently that I got over my social anxiety to do online matchmaking for. I only managed to get into a couple of missions but had fun with the little that I played. Feel free to add me on steam (name is caledones, but PM if that doesn't work) and if I happen to be around and able to jump into VR, I'll happily play.
  2. The Big VR Thread

    I got this for free when I bought my computer! Haven't installed it yet but now looking forward to giving it a try. (Although I'm generally not into zombie stuff, though we'll see if this changes that).
  3. AGDQ 2018

    This was definitely my highlight so far. Was interesting to watch and very briefly put the idea to try speedrunning into my head. (Which rapidly left my mind again). I hope they do more stuff like this again. As a side note: twitch chat gives me an aneurysm. I tried to join in as a happy, sane person, but was drowned out by transphobia and "monkaS".
  4. I don't know why, but from Chris' recommendation, Venus is the song I keep listening to by the 16 speed Chipmunks, it sounds slightly demonic.
  5. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    I probably will do that. After all, I still got the enjoyment of the game but didn't pay for it so it's only fair I cough up my money!
  6. I know, it's a long shot... is there anyone around who still plays WoW and happens to be on EU? My guild died a slow, prolonged death throughout WoD but I recently reactivated my sub to do a bit of playing around before Legion. I'm toying around with making a char on a new server to join a new guild so would also be looking to find people with friendly, mature guilds to be joined. My battle tag is Caledones#2482, feel free to add me.
  7. I know this thread hasn't been used since 2015, but since I don't have many Steam friends and am new around here, I thought I'd post mine.
  8. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    My one regret with this game is that I stupidly watched a Let's Player play it first without realising what it was, so now I've spoiled it all for myself. I'm not sure if there's any replayability for me to go back and play it myself... but that being said I was totally hoping that Delilah was going to be some psycho experimenting on me, but I do like that the story has a rather normal, believable, ending. Maybe I'll just buy it anyway.
  9. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! My name's Josh and I started listening to Idle Thumbs about a month ago, and have started working my way backwards (I'm at about 212 now). I'm 24, from Glasgow, Scotland and I'm a French to English translator. I like all sorts of games, but my favourite is any Monkey Island game (yes, even MI4!), and I currently have a steam backlog of about 150 games... most recently crossed off is the original Far Cry. Listening to all the mentions of the forums was making me feel left out, so here I am! See you around!