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  1. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Among Thorns By: Matt Frith Available: Synopsis: A cyberpunk, point-and-click adventure game. Short and sweet, with really wonderful pixel art. More: Artist's personal page: --------- Full disclosure, this is my own, personal playthrough of the game.
  2. Has anyone thought about how the episodic nature of the new Hitman (game? series?) fits into the "lean startup" model? What I mean is, IO has acknowledged that the next levels are still under production, so surely they're waiting on feedback about the first, and will iterate on their ideas / concepts moving forward in the campaign. I would be surprised (and a little disappointed) if there weren't some major risks taken in the next couple of releases, to see what really jived with players, everything from combat systems to menu design. All that being said, the iterative process really does put the onus on the final product, in this case, the campaign finale, and a flop there could mean bad news (although they would assumedly have raked in the profits from the previous four or however-many levels.) Not that any of this is a bad thing, just an observation. Do you think that any of this makes sense? Game companies are notoriously bad at player feedback, and I personally don't know IO's reputation in that regard very well.
  3. Nintendo 3DS

    I really want a white 3DS as well--I mean, look at this! So clean, dare I say retro? That Famicom feel. But my understanding is the same as yours, that they're only available (region-locked) in other regions.
  4. Regarding the conversation about good sci fi needing a season to rev up, have any of you heard the expression, "the beard"? It refers to the moment something gets good. For instance, when you get to the creamy center of a twinkie, that's "the beard." Will Riker doesn't grow out his beard until season 3 of Next Generation--hence the phrase. Also, for good Netflix sci fi check out Dark Matter. Actually a really enjoyable first season (now let's see if the second lives up). Cheers! Oh hey look, my first post!