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  1. Episode 423: Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

    I think the panelists frustration with recent civs comes from just not liking the shift away from simulation that happened in Civ 5. That's when the race to 2050 AD became really tight, when individual civs went from being ahead of the curve in a couple of areas to having big game defining powers, and trade-offs for player choices were completely redone. -I've gotten the impression from this and the original civ6 podcast that a lot of strategy in Civ 6 is basically just doing a list of arbitrary pre-scripted tasks. You research by doing the tech tasks, you do diplomacy by doing whatever task the other leader has, regardless of the geopolitical situation, you get golden ages by doing whatever gets you the points, and your general strategy should be to just do whatever your civ bonus is as much as possible. Is this mistaken? I certainly think it's telling how enthused everyone was by an actual loyalty mechanic. -Environmentalism is far more likely to be a causality of Jon Shafer's streamlining than of any nefarious political agenda. Civ 4 did all of its environmental simulation at the city level through the health system (modern polluting buildings gave unhealthiness, environmentalist stuff either reduced this or gave health directly), but civ 5 cut the health system and reduced the number of buildings, which meant there wasn't room for buildings of different Eco-frendliesness. Even then, they did add recycling centers. -I think avoiding making religion all or nothing is why 4&5 didn't have a religious victory. I meant that spreading your religion had to benefit the other victory conditions, and that embracing a foreign religion didn't advance someone else's win. -If you don't think EU4 and CK2 glorify empire building, I have a bridge to sell you.
  2. On the topic of whether CK2 is too long, someone on the Paradox reddit put together an interesting graphic. CK2 with the expansions is twice the length of EU4. I got CK2 early on, but bounced off it. Quite frankly the idea of a more rpg-ish CK3 is completely unappealing. I'd rather have a game about being a historical Medieval ruler than more Game of Thrones bullshit.
  3. Episode 383: Distant Worlds and Aurora

    Micheal, the film you were trying to think of was Little Shop of Horrors.
  4. Satisfying Party Games

    I am told Mysterium is similar. (I only have experience with Mysterium)
  5. Hey. Regular listener, first time poster. I really like the podcast, even if I'm not that much of a strategy gamer. So please don't take my disappointment with this particular episode too badly Did we listen to the same podcast? The panel spent have the podcast composing a paean to the interface and how wonderful the sunk cost fallacy it creates is! Seriously, if the game collapses the second it actually tells the player what's going on, it has some very deep problems. This is probably unfair, but I've gotten the impression that DF is similar to some of the other world simulators mentioned in that it is all learning curve and pretty simple to keep everything going once you hit a certain point. In general I guess I would have preferred the podcast to spend more time discussing DF as a game, including how DF does or not avoid the above trap, or any of the things the Clockwork Empires devblogs talk about in their game. Rather than going "It's so complicated and amazing!!!!!! **Wowie**" like every article that has ever discussed DF.