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  1. Idle Thumbs holiday preview brought me over to the idle book club, Wow. I fucking loved this book. To back peddle just a tad, let me start by saying that I have a minor in classics, and read/translate ancient Greek tragedies as both a hobby and therapeutically to help me deal with some Iraq War PTSD shenanigans. My favorite part was near the beginning where Denton Thrasher asks about the difference between comedy and tragedy, with his response being that there is no difference, and that it is simply a matter of perspective. This was also what lead me personally to love the classics, and got me through some pretty dark times. I think this really set the tone for the book as you see the world through very different perspectives. I honestly have over 6 pages of hand written notes about the different connections between this book and several different Greek tragedies. I was giddy with excitement to come here and discuss all of the call backs, and what they are insinuating in the book because of this (I did once write a 40 page paper titled "Cannibalism in Homer" from the original Greek). Sadly, right off the bat the podcast brought up these numerous ancient Greek references and simply stated that they could tell there was a lot going on, but they didn't want to look any of it up. Boom, I was crushed. I had to step away for a few weeks, and it took me this long just to make it to the forums to write this much. Sadly I don't think I will continue with the podcast. That's not to say Chris and Sarah didn't do an excellent job, I just thought this book was about so much more than what was presented on the surface, and it hurt to have the most vital part brushed aside so quickly. As you can tell I am an emotional dope, don't take it personally. I wasn't going to write anything at all, but it was eating at me so I figured it would be better to get it off my chest. P.S. I am a Mathilde, my wife is a Lotto. *Edit: not sure if any part of this needs to be under spoilers, but sadly I am not what you call "forum savy."