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  1. Episode 343: XCOM 2

    Sounds like some audio that was meant to be cut is instead playing in the background, maybe the original recording. What I assume is the final cut (the polished-sounding version) is at normal volume, but quietly, in the background, some pre-show mic checks can be heard, leading up to the intro (repeated) at 00:59s. The problem persists for the entire duration of the episode. This is the iTunes version. Track doesn't seem to exist on Soundcloud yet. edit: Actually, 3MA has had this problem before, though not this bad. On a couple of past episodes there have been short periods where it sounds like different speakers' audio tracks have gotten out of sync. There will be a period of a minute or two where they're talking over each other, answering questions before they're asked, etc. before it all snaps together again. I've done some podcast editing, so I understand how easy it is for mistakes like this to happen, especially with a complicated workflow. Keep doing what you're doing; the podcast is great!