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  1. ES2D 2016/03/01: 2 Ass, 2 Spurious

    I felt there was some serious mischaracterization on the 2GD drama. First let's not act like 2GD was "on some dota streams" he hosted three Internationals before this. Also let's not act like he was doing a bad job as host and people didn't like it, the drama came because he was doing such a good job that when he was fired Valve was very much at odds with what the community wanted. The whiteboard was not some accidental thing and was very much planned and necessary to help fill the massive delays between games. I also believe that saying he was disinterested in dota is also wrong, because he was playing the role of the noob to ask the questions for the viewers at home. The real problem is James is the same as he alwalys has been and Valve is trying to act more professional to try to attract an mainstream audience that doesn't exist by giving up the things that made esports and past valve events fun and great.
  2. Esports Today 2/23/2016

    For anyone wondering what the stats are for the Shanghai major and who is favored it is clearly Ehome. Noxville simulated the tournament about a million times and here are the results. http://stats.noxville.co.za/tournament/shanghai In terms of players and analysts who showed their predictions, Xiao8, Merlini, NS, Black, LightofHeaven, Nahaz, and Noxville all picked Ehome if you want to see the rest of their predictions check out https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k_edWIomIc6iUYrZX86aQV_6wQsRdqe-BueGI7kHCM0/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true
  3. Esports Today 2/2/2016: Not Like This

    What are you guys even talking about with EG. I thought I missed like 5 tournaments or something because you kept talking like they had all these second place finishes,when in reality they a whopping 2 second place finishes. I know there isn't much to talk about but you are really reaching to make a story line that isn't there.