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  1. I'm not sure what Sin's recording set up is, but I can ask next time what we might be able to do ahead of time to get a cleaner track. As far as levels go, the issue I always seem to have if I run an auto volume leveler over it is that it will amplify tiny background noises that made it through the noise filter. And that ends up sounding way worse. None of us are recording in a controlled studio environment, so it's very difficult to catch everything. So I generally just set everyone's levels at the beginning and try to adjust here and there as needed if it's really bad. If anyone has any tips on how to do this more consistently, I'd be happy to hear them.
  2. Three Moves Ahead 522: Suzerain

    Yeah, unfortunately there were some issues with the audio file and I had to clean it up as best I could. My pipe dream is to one day have a studio we can invite people to and play board games so I can standardize the recording process. There's only so much you can do if there are issues with the source file.
  3. Well, air support can have a huge impact on ground combat. But how you establish air support is still pretty wonky.
  4. Episode 341: Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

    The AI only really matters in the campaign, which is short and sweet, and it's not bad enough that you won't enjoy yourself. Mutiplayer is really good, though, and that doesn't involve AI at all. I'd say you're doing yourself disservice if your main reason for not picking it up is poor AI.