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  1. Twin Peaks Discussion

    It's not easy being a cross between Harold Smith and Ronnie Rocket. What other topics would you like to hear about? I have made many discoveries about Twin Peaks which otherwise unknown. Many of them are tiny insights; some are only good questions; but some are as grand as finding the original petroglyphs.
  2. While it's true that a piece of formica is missing from the table, there are no reflective flecks are embedded in the green material of the ring. The ring is definitely not made from the formica table. v◊v ^◊^ v◊v ^◊^ v◊v ^◊^ v◊v ^◊^
  3. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Mark and David always knew who the killer was, from the moment they first gave names to their characters. Who's up for some wordplay? Palindromes in Twin Peaks include: - BOB - "Wow, BOB. WOW" (spoken Lodge-backwards) - Lil 1) Take the first name of the detective, then the first name of the killer. They form a near mirror; a slightly broken, statistically impossible palindrome of nine letters (plus one pesky n). Dale Leland daleleland [ dalelelad ] 2) dale and lea (or lea-land) are synonyms, meaning valley. 3) Removing the n is one way to achieve symmetry, but dalelelad means nothing. Another option is to insert a second n into the letter sequence. Dnale Leland DnaleLeland Symmetrical, but meaningless... yet there is a wonderful palindrome at hand! Remove an "le" and discover Dnale land DNA Leland In December 1988, DNA technology was not advanced enough to be widely used in criminal forensic investigations. In the years just prior to the writing of the Northwest Passage script, there had been several widely-reported cases which did involve DNA leading to exoneration or conviction. The testing technique available took weeks to yield results, and required large samples of pure, untainted material from which to extract DNA. If Laura's murder had taken place six years later, the test results from evidence collected in the train car or on Laura's body would have revealed a first-order relative, Leland Palmer. It has been shown that the life and imagery of the poet Anne Sexton was most probably a primary source for many important aspects of the story of the Palmer family. Mark and David let the letters arrange themselves, and the result was Dale Leland - and that's something better than you can comprehend. Guess what just happened, this very minute? I realized for the thousandth time that Twin Peaks is more genius than I can comprehend... because you can remove most of the letters from Daleleland and get the palindrome Dad Mark and David ALWAYS knew Leland was the killer; before they hired Wise to play Leland, long before any owl associations were scripted for him. Even his gloriously creepy head rotation, while he sat in the dark by the door and watched Maddy sneak out, was Ray's wise idea (as he tells the story). David spoke about cars with Ray, then cast him not to play the sheriff (as he had expected), but instead made Ray Wise into the predator owl. The only aspects of Twin Peaks I am certain came before the [Dale Leland] palindrome are the Log Girl; Laura blue body on the shore; the owls; the forest; and the wind. - Prophit [actual name: Christian. in old Trichome]