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  1. Hi all, After months listening to Idle Thumbs podcasts, I finally signed up on this forum because there was too much of interest to me in this episode for me to keep quiet any longer First of all, thanks for this great new show. I listen regularly to 3MA but not so much to Idle Thumbs (because, I confess, my favourite podcasters are across the pond); that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed every episode of Idle Weekend, so congrats! And this is especially true with, this episode in which you discussed a game I happen to have re-installed as recently as yesterday: The Banner Saga. This is probably the flawed game I enjoy the most; combat can get repetitive (though I would argue that its drabness makes the journey feel even harsher, and thus plays into the game's theme), but that world, oh that world... And that soundtrack! Austin Wintory really is a brilliant composer. BUT TO MY POINT (there is actually one, I promise): do you guys know of other games featuring this mixture of travel and strategy so well? The only other one that comes to my mind would be the original Myth by Bungie, but I would enjoy playing others, and would be glad if you could tell me about similar titles. And on to another topic, regarding Mrs. Rousey's transphobic outburst: I enjoy UFC and mixed martial arts in general and, perhaps because I happen to live with a female practitioner of this art, I also admire Ronda's career and what she's done for the sport. However, her recent behaviour has been nothing less than scandalous: her attitude at the weigh-in with Holly Holm was shameful, when Holm was calm and respectful. I assume part of this is down to the culture of trash talking that is fostered at the UFC, but it feels like this spilled into Rousey's more general public persona. Should it be expected of competitors in general? I'm not sure. Being an MMA fighter does not prevent you from being civil, doesn't it? This transphobic comment is the last straw, in my opinion. Ok I need to stop writing, this is already too long. Thanks again for the great podcast, and looking forward to hearing you two next week. Cheers!