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  1. Idle Weekend March 11, 2016: Buried Treasure

    So listening to this right now, couple things so far: The more I hear Danielle describe Alien: Isolation the more I absolutely don't want to play it. Other than the Alien stuff it sounds like absolutely the opposite of something I would enjoy. As far as Zelda: it really isn't a 60 hour game, it's more of a 30-40 hour game...maybe it's 60 hour if you want to 100% it, sounds like maybe you're "playing it wrong"
  2. Brand new poster here but have been listening for a few months. Listening to this episode right now and just finished where you are talking about the crazy mario world hack at AGDQ and wanted to comment before I forget . AFAIK that editor wasn't in the game, they (or rather the TAS bot) actually programmed that into the game live using controller inputs....which is probably even crazier. I haven't read it yet but ars technica has a great write up on the whole thing: