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  1. Episode 355: Stellaris

    I'm a bit conflicted on Stellaris. On the one hand it's not quite as good as I hoped it would be and I'm worried about how passive the AI has been. Also all of Rowan's complaints are things I recognize. On the other hand I really enjoy it and desperately want work to finish so I can go home and play some more though I am not quite sure I can put my finger on why.
  2. Episode 343: XCOM 2

    But its up against Rapid Fire, which is the most amazing "thing must die now" button and I find the conceal skills on Scout rangers work much better with the rest of the team, a Scout Ranger spotting for a serial sniper is a good set up to delete aliens.
  3. Episode 343: XCOM 2

    Chalk me down for another "don't get all the Enemy Unknown rose tinting". If anything that game was even more obtuse and easy to mess up without knowing it than XCOM 2, especially on Classic and Impossible games. They've improved on every single problem I had with Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within - almost all the class specialisation choices (I have not found a use for Sword Rangers yet) actually feel like a choice now, the base building isn't a complete chore of a puzzle with an obtuse best answer, the bland airgame is gone. I can't say the research is really improved but it's not really worse either. I was bemused by the comment that you could skip lasers in Enemy Unknown, which runs completely counter to my experiences, lasers were such a huge upgrade from ballistics that I cannot imagine skipping them. I sort of see skipping carapace armour, but you need lasers because a dead alien can't kill you. As someone who played enough Enemy Unknown/Within to have memorised all of the maps (the trainyard and murder street can go die in a fire) the procedural maps, for all their occasional jankiness are such a huge improvement that they alone leave me feeling warm and fuzzy towards the game. Even the camera and line of sight issues are improved on. These issues are still there, but the line of sight indicator is wonderful and the camera is that slight bit less janky. I'm not even going to try and excuse the weird technical problems though. They need fixing, even if I haven't encountered them myself all that much. Also it sounds like the panel needs to use more grenades.
  4. Longplays and Let's Plays?

    A let's play person who I think really does not get enough traffic is Bobbin Threadbare. I like Bobbin Threadbare because he's quiet and informative and puts a lot of effort into his lets plays. He also does lets plays of games which I bounced off in an hour (like Bioshock Infinite or Thief 4) but am still sort of interested in seeing, just not actually playing or games which I just would never otherwise look at (like Academagia) in a million years. I also really like his lets play-lectures series', even if they sometimes they get a little bit preachy.
  5. How do you organize your steam library?

    Favourites - Games I really like and am likely to play again repeatedly. Other - All other games.