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  1. Mindhunter

    The BTK cold opens were still my some of my favorite bits of the show even though they mostly amounted to a season-long tease for season 2 (presumably). I thought they were eerie, enigmatic, laden with dread. Also my favorite: any scene with Kemper in it. Cameron Britton hit those scenes out of the park! He, Tench, and Wendy Carr were compelling characters to me, while Holden Ford's arc was cliché and at times cringy. I agree that the Fincher episodes were the most engaging. Related: this video about the way Fincher moves the camera (one of the reasons I get sucked right into anything he directs, even if upon reflection, some of the writing is dumb).
  2. Excuse me, Idle Thumbs, I would back you on Patreon at a very high level if the reward were monthly 5 minute portions of Cosmic Colonel whisperings over ambient wind chime sounds on audio cassette
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I second this recommendation. I really liked this movie. There is always this danger of having somebody in a movie who is supposed to be an artist or a professional, and the portrayal of their work feeling false or off. But here everything – both the poems he writes, and the details of his life/relationship to his job – seem true. And like the other two Jarmusch movies I've seen (I aim to see more) the film seems to be very inclusive with its cultural references. The movie didn't make me feel dumb for not being familiar with William Carlos Williams (who is referred to throughout the movie) like some movies might, but it has encouraged me to seek out his poems. Man, the more I think about this movie, the fonder I feel of it.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched Witness the other day because of Jake's endorsement on IIT. It was really good! I don't normally go in for romance movies, but I definitely found the romance stuff in the middle of the movie more compelling than the thriller stuff at the beginning and end. Those elements didn't hold my interest beyond being well-crafted (although the climactic sequence has one of the better deaths I've seen on screen in a while). I enjoyed all the fish out of water stuff with a flummoxed Harrison Ford, and more generally the nuanced exploration of differences in "modern" vs "pastoral" culture that goes beyond the cliché/patronizing "these people are funny and technologically backwards but they have better senses of morality and they really know about the importance of family!" stuff (although I'm not sure it entirely escapes it).
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Ex Machina is so good. Creepy. I love movies about A.I. and this might be my favorite (I think I like it better than Blade Runner - although they are very different movies). Tense, eerie, and at times arrestingly funny. I'm so so excited about Alex Garland's upcoming adaptation of Annihilation, which I think will suit his sensibilities entirely.
  6. a link that seems pertinent given discussions of robots wearing human celebrity skin. i want a pet sheep robot that is growing human skin sourced from George Clooney's genetic material that i can sheer (flay?) off and make into Clooney-leather wallets.
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi I am just some new person (to the forums; been listening for a couple of years). I'm 23 y.o. and I've recently started working in the dank underbelly of the film industry in Los Angeles (post production). In addition to enjoying colors on screens, I also like ink in pages, vibrations in the air, and ghosts. Favorite game might be Kentucky Route Zero (I like contained interactive fiction type stuff), but also I just like whatever. Been playing Overwatch recently which is super fun, and I've been slowly playing through Dishonored as well. Anyways, Hi.
  8. Idle Fiction Jam - Rumours and Hearsay

    I am a forum baby but I want to write a thing! Will jams be limited in terms of time?