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  1. Hm, EU4 on Steam sale for the next few days. After bouncing off EU/EU2 years ago, CK2 actually worked for me in the more recent past. Should I take the plunge? And if so, the CK2 thread recently had a great breakdown of DLC, what are the must haves/must avoids for EU4?
  2. Episode 322: Wing Leader

    Discovered 3MA at Episode 298, and have been following (and catching up; up to Episode 60) ever since. And I blame 3MA wholly for the sudden explosion in my Steam library. ... and now with this episode, a corresponding growth in my board-gaming collection and P500 orders. My wallet cries 'Uncle'! Listening to 3MA is very much like talking about games with friends, and I love that. And Wing Leader sure looks great on that shelf!