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  1. [Released!] Life Finds a Way

    Haha, yep! I don't want to spoil yet, but maybe over the weekend. It's probably easier before unlocking more parts, which was part of the reason of adding the lock/respin mechanic.
  2. [Released!] Life Finds a Way

    Thanks, and thanks for playing! And yeah, it was a good thing there was a sea of references to pick from; I don't know what we would have used for content otherwise. Did you get all three parts of any one host?
  3. Download the game from itch.io! --- Hey co-thumbs, a friend and I are working on Life Finds a Way. It's a rouge-a-like-a-like where you take a randomly assembled character through an endless, generated gauntlet, picking up Goldblums to unlock new--and hopefully funnier--body parts to roll in your next character. I don't know how often I'll update this part while dev's going on, but if the game catches on at all I keep a post-jam rapport going here. Watch my dev stream! Check out the code! Cheers and Happy Wizard Jam everyone!