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  1. I was inspired to voice the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare press release sans adjectives. I think it turned out pretty well. https://soundcloud.com/lordub3r/infinite-warfare-trailer
  2. I was inspired to make a little something by the end of this episode. Idle Thumbs Presents: Curb Your Enthusiasm
  3. I'm a very amateur voice guy (actor would be giving myself too much credit) with very amateur equipment. If you want over dramatic acting or just a deep voice, I'm available. You can find my readings of various copypasta at https://SoundCloud.com/LordUb3r (I particularly like https://soundcloud.com/lordub3r/i-party-and-u-dont). My equipment isn't that great and I have moderate experience with audacity, so professional grade sound is not really possible. You can email me at LordUb3r@gmail.com. I'm on PST and unemployed, so my availability is pretty good.