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  1. [Dev Log] Hunker Down

    This was actually completed and is now hosted on itch.io! Lots of great writing by Marcus. Beautiful style! https://teggy-games.itch.io/hunker-down
  2. Get It Here Fellow Readers and Jammers: We are on our way to creating the next exciting entry in the qwop-a-lunk-a-like genre. You control a human, who is controlling their own thumbs, which are controlling Santa, in the form of a mobile game. Santa must navigate chimneys whilst continuously eating cookies to sustain his own impossibly rapid metabolism lest he perish. Please to enjoy this artist's rendition of the primary game screen in action*. *Actions and screens may or may not contain placeholder assets borrowed from a team of diverse websites.
  3. [RELEASE] Button Frenzy

    Very stylish, great level of polish! I am totally incapable of enjoying any difficulty but easy, but enjoy I did! Felt like i was competing against the platonic ideal of a gamepad user, and boy did I not measure up! Great entry! (Note: How to play showed only black boxes )
  4. [RELEASE] Happy Happy Krampusnacht

    Hey I am glad you went with controller support! I was able to grok the controls on there much more easily! Beautiful game, really enjoyed the overall style of the environment. The music when you're hot on the tails of a naughty child is best! Really enjoyed the game over screen as well showing all the children you captured mining away! -"Very satisfying feeling to beat the children!" (Back of the box quote)
  5. Greatly enjoyed the art style! While it took a bit of learning, by the time I was done I felt i was able to command the powerful instruments at hand to compose truly festive holiday jams! Glad to be counted amongst the friends of Dibs!
  6. Jeff Gone Goldblum

    A classic dose of Goldblum! Had me loling from start to finish. Highly enjoyable.
  7. Not sure if you can use these or not! Please to enjoy either way! someSounds.zip
  8. [Dev Log] World of Blanks: Gunnin' Six

    Maybe this game inherently constitutes its own winter holiday by looking so dope?
  9. [RELEASE] Button Frenzy

    It should go without saying that everything you're doing here looks kickass! I like the button prompt Icons, but I think the 'LS' text on left stick might look better as just an 'L' I think the button shape/detail itself reads easily as a stick as opposed to a button, but for some reason the text on that guy sticks out to me. Looking forward to playing!
  10. [Release] Downchimney Simulator 20X7

    Progress Made!: Code by @BryGuy!
  11. [Dev Log] Ice Break

    Sweet! Can't wait to see it in action as i boat around the arctic.
  12. [Dev Log] Xmas Micro Games

    Enjoyed these both already, looking forward to more!
  13. [Dev Log] Ice Break

    Hey your vid reminded me of a talk I recently saw/enjoyed related to making things float in unity!
  14. [Release] Downchimney Simulator 20X7

    Update: Santa Sprite WIP by @MarcusTegtmeier
  15. [Dev Log and Call for Ideas] A Krampus Karol

    Meeting local singles in your area
  16. [RELEASE] Happy Happy Krampusnacht

    Pretty incredible can't wait to see the finished product!
  17. [Dev log] Dishonored Thanksgiving!

    Love the title and concept!
  18. I'm looking to recruit teammate(s): I'm planning to create an entry in the well established qwop-a-lunk-a-like genre. I'll be working with Unity (Personal edition). I feel like i have a good base game idea but it needs to be flocked with boughs of winter holiday ideas/themes. I'm able to work on code but am certainly willing to collaborate on that with any interested parties. I need a 3D artist that is interested in modeling/animating goofy hands / thumbs. I need a 2D artist of some cool sort. Would love to have anybody with interest in sound/music. Would love to have anybody else along for the ride in any capacity. Tis the season for community collaboration after all! PM me if you have interest or are curious for further details! I am EST.