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  1. A strategy layer is something that I'll almost always like in a game. There's something about a strategy layer that makes a game feel bigger than it is, even very simplistic ones like the one from Mass Effect 2.
  2. Episode 436: To Infinity Engine and Beyond

    I'm hoping for more episodes like this. Sure, these games might not be certified strategy games but all the discussion was totally strategy related. The problem of solving RPG combat is still ongoing and I think just making the game turn-based in some fashion would help many of these games including PoE, which I have bounced off of more times than Europa Universalis. I don't agree with Rowan in that the way the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy tried to mesh real-time action with menu-based control is a failure, but rather an idea that should have been tempered out but never got the chance to.
  3. Winter Wizard Jolly Jam interest thread

    I'm still new to game making so I'm practicing my skills with a tiny game project in prep for the jam.