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  1. Esports Today 10/13/2015: Reality Bites

    I've enjoyed listening to the casts to absorb some information on the various Lords Management scenes I'm not familiar with, but as a primarily fighting game guy, there were a lot of glaring inaccuracies in during the cast that were kind of hair pulling for me. You mentioned SCR as being the last stop on the road to Capcom Cup but there were actually 10 more CPT tournaments scheduled after SCR, including 4 ranking events (for points) and 4 premier events (to autoqualify) yet to come. A few episodes ago you mentioned Snake Eyez as a more obscure player flourishing in a tournament without international players, but Snake Eyez has been arguable the strongest and certainly the most consistent American player since Evo 2014 and is considered by most to be the best Zangief in the world. Bonchan has been known for his incredibly mobile Sagat play for years now and has been considered one of the top Japanese players and (the top Sagat) for quite a while as well, particularly after his 2nd place finish at Evo 2014 Evo is the biggest fighting game tournament for the scene as a whole, but the Capcom Cup is without a doubt the most prestigious event for SFIV. Winning CPT 2014 made Momochi the player to watch/beat in a way that far surpassed Luffy winning Evo 2014 or even Momochi winning Evo 2015. Anyways keep up the good work and I hope to hear you guys talk about the FGC more in the future (but maybe a little more fact checked?) :D:D