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  1. Recommend a solution for my gaming setup

    Ok, so functionally, the Steam Link would work pretty much the same as a wireless HDMI with some added functionality? (assuming the signal strength is equally strong in both)
  2. Hey all, new around these forums. I have a gaming-related issue that I could use some help with, and since on the last Idle Thumbs podcast they were encouraging us to use the website more, I thought heck, why not. So here's my problem: I'm moving to a new appartment soon, and I want to find a way to permanently connect my pc to my tv, in order to easily game, watch movies, or surf the web, as if I were working off my monitor. The pc and the tv will only be about 5 metres away, but having a wire going from one to the other would be very inconvenient. Pathing the wire inside the wall or under the floor is not an option unfortunately. Even if I try to hug a wall with a wire, I'd have to go past a door, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, I've been looking at possible solutions. The first one that came to mind was using a wireless HDMI connection. However, I've never tried these. I live in Argentina, and have family travelling to the US soon, so I can have them get it for me there. Unfortunately, once it's purchased, there's no going back, so I want to make sure it fits my needs. So, has anyone tried wireless HDMI for gaming? How bad is the lag over short distances like mine (no walls in between btw)? Also, any other suggestions you guys might have? I've been told about the Steam Link, but how does that work with non-steam games? Or what if I want to watch a movie I have downloaded on my pc, or browse the internet with a mouse and keyboard, like I would be able to do with an HDMI connection? Anyway, all ideas are welcome.
  3. Episode 326: State of the RTS

    Just stumbled across this article. Maybe here is what the future of RTS looks like?
  4. Episode 326: State of the RTS

    Hey, I'm a relatively new listener, and considering and one of the guys who used to play RTS games a lot, and now moved to Lords Managements, I thought I could chime in to the discussion. I used to play a lot of SCII back in it's golden days, around 2011/2012. I was 19/20 years old, in my first university years, and had plenty of time to play video games. SCII managed to grip me like nothing else had before. I loved how balanced the game was, how I felt rewarded for my effort, how I saw myself learning and improving with every game. I watched pro players, learned from Day 9, and wrote down build orders, for every race and every matchup (Random ftw). It was amazing, but it was SO time-consuming. and really, the enjoyment was less on the gameplay than it was on the self improvement, and the thrill of the competition. Eventually, as other responsabilities/hobbies emerged, it started to fade. I recently tried to pick it up again, after almost 2 years of not playing and, no matter how much I tried to force myself, I couldn't enjoy it. I mean, it's a great game and all, but I felt clumsy, and my build orders were garbage. I knew what I had to do in order to improve all that, and I really didn't have the time/energy to do it. So I turned to LoL. There, I can log in for a while, joke about how I miss a flash over the wall, tease about how I'm a God descended from the Heavens when I get a triple kill as support, and then log off. Maybe I don't play for a week. But I know that after that I can log o and have all the same fun again. I can be terrible at LoL and still enjoy it. If I'm terrible at SC, there's really no fun there for me. Something I wanted to point out, and which ties in well with the question about what do RTS players want today, is that I moved back into my old RTS favorites. I found a small community is still playing Battle for Middle Earth 2, and I can log in to GameRanger to play around, sumon a bunch of Nazgul and Mumakil, or even a friggin Army of the Dead, and roll over my enemies (or get rolled over). I can fire up Age of Mythology and summon the wrath of Zeus uppon my foes. And that is something many new RTS games seem to be missing IMO. The stupid, flashy and amazingly overpowered effects or powers that are so much fun to use, and that many times make games amazing. Anyway those are my two cents, hope I haven't ranted to much