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  1. Episode 395: Jack Greene

    Looks like most of the games mentioned (Destroyer Captain, Bismarck, Ironbottom Sound, Norway 1940), have used copies for sale on BoardGameGeek in the range of $40 or less. Here's the BGG designer page listing his games: Thanks 3MA for another interesting interview with an old-school wargame designer. Looking forward to the next episode of Bruce Geryk's History of Cardboard Counter Manufacturing podcast.
  2. Episode 326: State of the RTS

    Rob Zacny mentioned he didn't think we will see a Warcraft 4. Aren't they releasing an extended trailer for it next year? Do you think all the hype from that movie will be channeled into WoW, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone, without another Warcraft sequel/reboot title released to coincide with/cash in on the movie?