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  1. I used to play tons of Koei games and I am forever grateful that it ignites my interest in history. Their games have such diverse background. Many might not necessarily be strategically deep but it sure as heck bring the era to life. Playing as Napoleon in L'Empereur. Rising from leading your motley crew of revolutionaries to eventually be the emperor of Europe. Uncharted Water. Play as female spanish pirate, italian explorer, british explorer or other characters and get the whole world to explore and plunder in the age of discovery. Balor of the Evil Eye where you play as a celtic tribe trying to unite Eire and finally get rid of the Fomorian Giants. Bandit Kings of Ancient China. Grow your own band of bandits while placating the powerful prime minister until you are powerful enough to topple him. Of course my favorites are still the RotK and Nobunaga series since the modern versions actually get ported to PC (and translated to english) It'd be great to see Paradox or CA tackle some of these less downtrodden settings.