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  1. At the risk of being part of the internet ruining Black Mirror, that discussion was so frustrating. S4.E5, aka Metalhead, is basically every Idle Thumbs robot discussion, the TV show. Watch it!
  2. The technical term for that sort of quasi-English singing is, in French, yaourter (or chanter en yaourt, to be less slangy): to yoghurt.
  3. The game you're looking for, at least in theory, is Cities In Motion. You control the transport network of a single city at a time on a very granular level. The only problem is the traffic model is kind of broken.
  4. Episode 324: Tower Defense

    This was such a frustrating podcast! Was there a conscious decision I missed mention of to completely ignore mobile/handheld games? Because there are a ton of tower defence games coming out and most of the things the crew were looking for from the genre are found there. Games where the towers can be damaged (the Sentinel series, Tiny Heroes, Castle Doombad). Fleshed out RPG elements with gear and stuff (Defender Chronicles and many others).. Iteration by developers over many games (Sentinel, Bloons TD, Anomaly, and more). There's an entire genre of defending-castles-against-sieges games, in 2D and 3D. Much as I love Defence Grid and Orcs Must Die and Toy Soldiers and (the original) PvZ, you can't have a meaningful discussion of the tower defence genre without looking at where most of the games are being made and played. It's not quite what you're looking for, but Unstoppable Gorg has moveable emplacements.