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  1. Super Mario Maker

    I like hiding 1ups as little hidden Easter eggs, just to communicate some kind of "hey you found a thing I hid!" moment. I'd love the ability to place the Yoshi (Star?) coins though, and see percentages found and stuff. And mostly I just use coins as either gameplay indicators or challenges (safe to try and jump for to indicate off screen paths and dangers, or like, daring you to try and get to them).
  2. Super Mario Maker

    Lastair, try my airship level again but do it without letting go of the stick and run button. There is a decently simple pattern to the jumps, you can speed run the whole thing. (Sprng,Bounce,Fleet!, 95F0-0000-0062-EB87 in case anyone missed it) I too like a few elements done in an interesting way, hopefully it is that. Watching someone play that, I was really surprised with how they approached alot of the springs and stuff. Puting up another level later today probably, last night I took the game to a friends house and asked them to give me a theme or some elements to put into a level, and I took some time to build their request in the way I saw fit. Pretty fun way of doing things. They asked for "Propeller hats, vertical jumps, air, water, and Lakitu throwing stuff." And then I just interpreted all of that the way I wanted. Tweaking it a bit before publishing, based on how they were playing it last night, which was also a great way to test. EDIT: Uploaded. Get Through This Ship. 54D1-0000-0077-164E Also my first NSMB style, the Prop hats are a nice change from the Leaf and Feather, and allow for less easy "fly over the whole level" moments, which is actually nice. Also I love that air spin to give you a little boost.
  3. Super Mario Maker

    New course as well! Bowser's Panic Room! AFBF-0000-005F-9DF1 Mario World castle level with an attempt at a boss fight. Sharing these around, it's been interesting hearing reactions from friends and stuff, for sure. Things I expect to hear and what people find hard and frustrating is really interesting to watch, and I love it when it's something that I intended, so that's great. Also I really wish this editor had a way of scooting like, say, "all columns to the right of this point shift left by a block" that you could tap out. Once you do a big layout but then want to adjust a few jumps in the middle or something its pretty much stupidly tedious, so I don't bother and just live with like a less perfect level. I also wish you could put things on timers/cycles so like, you could have a whole row of podobos or firesticks or whatever all going together, instead of just popping up as they happen to appear on screen. Patterns can get really messed up. Am I wrong or did Little Big Planet have something like this, to keep certain objects in sync to a specific "beat"?
  4. Super Mario Maker

    Tango, I enjoyed that Shell Game map, nice use of those. Sure beats the usual "haha gotcha". And you even isolated the first one so you wouldn't accidentally jump right for it. Nice second layer on that spiny-tube map.
  5. Super Mario Maker

    Just signed up for the Idle Forums after many many years of listening and some of lurking here, just to take part in this hopeful Mario Maker community. Hoping to find some more good levels to play out there, as well as share and build on my own. I've made a few but the only code I have handy is: 46F7-0000-0021-F31C, and I forget what level this was (not at my console right now). Heart me if you enjoy it though, my goal is to make "theme accurate" type levels that are moderately challenging, that wouldn't feel out of place in the games they look like, although I'm experimenting a bit as well for sure. Not a fan of the "room full of giant Lakitus shooting out flaming fish" or whatever maps, or like silly hard trollish trick maps where you go in a door and fall into a pit or whatever. I've found so far it's tough to balance this, maps I thought were pretty easy after a few attempts are getting abysmally low clearance rates, so maybe they're harder than I realize, or people are giving up after one attempt? Anyways let me know what you think, I'll list up the rest of my stuff when I get home tonight, feel free to hunt it down through the lists though. I do wish the Notifications would tell you when someone you follow has posted a new map...