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  1. Idle Thumbs Wizard Meet 2016 at PAX West

    Nice. I'll be heading to Seattle tomorrow and I'll be there til labour day. There is Telltale thing I wanted to try and attend Saturday evening but I could probably swing by for this first.
  2. I have some insight into the development of Hitman GO that has not been widely reported as far as I know. I've talked to one of the developers of the original version of the game that was in development at a studio in Vancouver BC. The original version of the game was more along the lines of Deus Ex: The Fall, it was trying to mimic the console / PC games but with touch controls and virtual sticks. It got relatively far into development on the Unity engine and was fairly full featured but the controls never came together so Square Enix canned it. The version of Hitman GO developed by Square Enix Montreal was designed as a reaction to the previous failed attempt which is why its a Hitman game stripped down to its essentials and then built back up into a puzzle game with swipe controls.