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  1. Esports Today 9/3/2015

    There's also a thing with MVP: Black and their use of secret bug knowledge first here then there's this at about 41:25 MVP black studied tempo storm (only tempo storm they told in reviews) then on the day of their match against tempo storm, mvp black told the judges minutes before the matches would start about a bug with one of tempo storms heroes in their roster. The organisation banned the hero from the tournament outright, tempo storm didnt have any time to think up solutions or back up draft strategies, and mvp basically got a free extra ban in their matches against tempo storm, by waiting until the most, well, d-ish time to tell about it. Because they knew about it, didnt tell about it before the torurnament, didnt tell it at the start of the tournament, didnt tell about it when the hero was used the day before in the tournament against other teams. I guess they learned from the first time how to be a lil' more subtle about playing the meta-meta-game. The podcast in the youtube video also went on about some other reasons why the tournament was hard to follow. From how it wasnt advertised at all, to technical issues to some casters not knowing the teams to some not even knowing the game.
  2. Esports Today 9/3/2015

    Thank you! I didnt think you were going to cover Heroes of the Storm when there's so much out there. The MSI hosting, presentationw as indeed problematic. They stuck to the close view all the time, never going to the zoomed out or the even futher wide view where you can see everyone moving on most of the map. (also all alternate skins and mounts can make it very hard to read which hero is which and I hope tournament play is going te require players to use the default skins and us mounts like the carpet, card or coin) And team liquid's performance is such a clear, clean cut example of a team going tilt, it could be used as *the* textbook example.