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  1. The bigger issue is in traditional sports, the team/organization is the one that will break the news usually in a timely manner so that rampant speculation on social media takes over. From what I can gather the initial news was broken on aui's twitter, and then there was no timely official confirmation. Also the terms used in a traditional sport generally soften the blow regarding roster moves. The term "kicked" engenders negative feelings towards the player. In a more traditional sport a euphemism like "mutually agreed to part ways" or a softer term like "released" would be more likely to be used- and would thus not likely. It's all semantics, but it in general tends to lend an air of professionalism in the context of roster moves (covering up any sort of underlying ill-will) and generally keeps both parties from going down the rabbit hole of name calling/publicly rationalizing/etc. EG probably would have been better off just releasing a statement that they don't comment on the reason for player/personnel changes. In the end its goes back to a discussion they had on the Idle Thumbs podcast last week about how none of these guys are media trained. I know teams have the teams proper, coaches, and managers, but maybe its time they start thinking about employing a proper public relations rep who can handle the passage of important new related to teams in a timely and professional manner.