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  1. The Judy stuff is absolutely the sort of stream-of-consciousness asspull that Lynch loves. Remember how Bob came into existence because Frank Silva was accidentally in a mirror shot? There's a phrase used for a lot of Power by the Apocalypse tabletop games like Dungeon World, "play to find out what happens," meaning set the stage, and let the act of creation dictate the direction of the story, and that's how Lynch loves to work.
  2. Kyle MacLachlan has also said he would be there in an instant for a season 4, and that Lynch has a mindset of "everything is Twin Peaks, and everything comes back to Twin Peaks."
  3. I would actually love if, once they wrap up this season, if Chris & Jake could do a few more episode covering each of Lynch's movies, since they're some of my favorite people at looking at his work.
  4. The crazy thing is this is a totally kickass setup for a season 4, even though it's probably intended as the end of the series. Cooper and Laura Palmer as partners in a new alternate history Twin Peaks, trying to track down Sarah Palmer/The Mother? I would watch that at least eight times!
  5. This entire episode was about things I didn't expect to come back coming back. Jim Belushi! Patrick Fischler! Johnny Horne! Harry Dean Stanton! The Brother From Get Out! Nadine! Silent drape runners! The sex teens that were murdered by a video effect! Dr. Alex Jones-coby! I think Jake is totally on the mark that by the end of this season we'll realize that there was actually no time wasted in this season. all the pieces mattered.
  6. It's safe to assume that the main plot of this season is the twin Coopers. Are there any plotlines at this point that still are completely disconnected from it? Cause here's all of the overall plotlines that we see nearly every episode I can think of: - Cooper-as-Dougie, which ties into all the other Vegas plotlines as well as finally reaching Twin Peaks this episode with the room key - BOB-as-Cooper (referred to simply as "BOB" for simplicity), which ties into all the South Dakota plotlines, the FBI story, and the Sheriff's Department as of this episode - Gordon, Albert, Tammy, and Diane investigating BOB - The murder in South Dakota, likely committed by BOB, which includes Major Briggs' body - Hawk, Truman, Andy, (maybe Bobby?) and Lucy investigating "what's missing," which in this episode leads to the diary pages convincing Hawk the Cooper they had known never returned to Twin Peaks The only ones I can think of that haven't tied into the main thrust of the season yet are whatever Richard Horne's up to, the visits to the RR with Becky and (Unnamed?) Brother From Get Out, and Dr. Jacoby's Ustream Shout Hour. Also looking to see if Matthew Lillard ever shows up again? I don't think he's been seen since the premiere.
  7. Well, this is pretty much exactly what I expected when Lynch got Showtime to double the episode number. Remember when this series was gonna be over 3 episodes from now?