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  1. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Someone was asking how to use greatsword... pray to (language warning)
  2. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    vivid is my fave. feel like its the most readable so far. And I can second the tweets atte posted. Originally beat the game with armspin and thought i might try doing runs with all the styles... turns out the larger number of enemies that end up chasing you from the top of the screen in hard makes floatiness a real liability.
  3. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    Agree on all points. I only really cottoned on to the flipping thing because it reminded me of super metroid, where you can only walljump whilst somersaulting as well (input is also identical), and i imagine its a connection that the developer counted on people making to grasp the mechanic. Just finished hard mode, had a ton of fun with it all round, but might not come back to it until they (hopefully!) release a daily challenge mode
  4. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    I feel like this is more of a side effect thing of otherwise more intuitive mechanics. You can only walljump while flipping. You get flipping by either taking a running jump or bouncing off of something. You lose flipping by shooting or walljumping. Once you recognize the animation, you realize it is actually quite simple and concise... "you need full ammo to walljump" doesn't mean you are constantly checking your counter to see if you can bounce off the wall, its more that if you do shoot your guy loses his somersault momentum, and then you will instantly recognize that a walljump is no longer possible. I think a more appropriate statement would be 'you will always have full ammo when walljumping'
  5. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    weird that they wouldnt just shrink it and chuck it on the sides... bottom of the screen is the most crucial part to look at
  6. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    also how the heck do the iphone controls work? is it all touch based? do you have to tilt it to move? seems real fiddly if its the latter, but real screen obscuring if the former...
  7. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    im using the 360 stick. the timing is more push away and then press jump after a split second (the animation of your guy will actually change), rather than hitting both at the same time.
  8. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    Unlocked the hard mode. Was expecting something like smft mode in vlambeers games where you need to have become a master at the regular mode to even stand a chance, but its more like just a modest step up from the final bits of the normal difficulty, which was a pleasant surprise.
  9. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    Does anyone else find the 4th area kinda too easy? Maybe it's just the spelunky problem where the later parts of the game can seem easier because youre so decked out in loot by then, but it seems like the ability to shoot through the blocks makes it a real no brainer of just falling through, hitting each one, and shooting/dodging all the doods that get in your way. Racking up and holding a combo is easier than even the first area, and theres none of the turbo paced tense decision making of where to aim for and when to shoot that comes from the enemies/block layout in the earlier areas.
  10. Let's discuss what a video game is

    quit playing around
  11. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    some quests are annoying like that. theres a chance itll be there after another quest ends so you can just repeatedly abandon harvest tours until it shows up again if you wanna fight another asap
  12. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    didnt even know you could do that; thanks for the heads up
  13. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    could we disable giphy outside of gif-chat and have the best of both worlds?
  14. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    ooft maybe not this thursday then you guys play pretty early for me, but not so early that i shouldnt be up by then, so normally it'd be fine, but ill probably be on a bus that time this week
  15. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    maybe, depending on when night is
  16. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    You've never heard of the desire sensor? Capcom spent millions in secret on R&D to develop the perfect means of keeping players playing for as long as possible Also by the sounds of it you guys are at G rank, which is also where i am, so yeah, im down to join if there's room

    Oh dang everyone is boycotting it now Microtransactions suck, but I do like shooting guys in the face The great ethical dilemma of our time

    CRIMEFEST?!?! im a payday fiend but none of my regular crew are playing anymore hit me up im down 2 clown http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053912619/
  19. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Didn't think anyone would be hunting still! I burnt myself out a few months ago, but theres enough DLC for me to catch up on that I wouldn't mind jumping back in if you guys need an extra.