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  1. XCOM 2

    I think there's a bit of grace allowed in that regard, like maybe the collision boxes are one tile smaller when calculating line of sight. Have only had the solid wall shoot through when there was a hole directly adjacent to it from what I've noticed.
  2. XCOM 2

    Man Rangers clean house with the blade damage upgrade. I was initially really intimidated by sectoids, but they're a lot easier to deal with if you just dash a guy right up in their face and take them out in one hit 100% of the time (as far as i know).
  3. XCOM 2

    Had some fun making soldiers using selfies posted in the slack chat from other thumbs members. Exported them all for if anyone wants to put them through their paces. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByqNbU3TdNVoNndiakREVzFIc2c&usp=sharing Can't attach it directly since its a .bin, and I've never used google drive before, so just lemme know if there's any problems
  4. id rather valentines day get interrupted than xcom 2 launch weekend
  5. Welp, 950 runs since release, and I've finally unlocked all characters, skins, and the golden frog pistol. Only achievements left are the near impossible ones. Kinda really super wishing the daily challenge scoreboards got fixed so I can test my mettle on those, but til then.... feels weird to just play it without a goal. Kinda relaxing actually, as some of the character skin unlocks just meant i was attempting something outside of my comfort zone for an extended period of time. But yeah, fun game.
  6. sorry, was replying to the stuff on the previous page. Just meant to touch base that I had read all the stuff and was fine with times and prep and whatnot
  7. Jackhammer works wonders if you spam it on him as he lands. Try to stay just within range so you mulch all his bullets and flames. Get boiling veins so his jetpack wont kill you. Hiding behind a wall may make him summon IDPD. It also keeps him still for a few seconds. Pop out as soon as you hear him blabber, get some shots in, then pop back and be ready to deal with the doods that spawn. Hammerhead is also great for emergency hiding in walls.
  8. When you go into the walls it does go nuts with the big green globs. The fight imo gets harder over time whether or not you take out the generators, and when you do i think the increased difficulty is just from the little extra green gronks. I've had nailbitingly close run ins with throne 1 to then breeze through the second one... i think the space, plus only having to deal with single patterns at once, rather than the crazy overlaps throne 1 throws at you (especially with the aforementioned gronks) makes it a ton easier.
  9. I had a feeling it was multiple ticks but assumed headlong was how you got hit, where it would jump right on top of you in between frames. Guess that explains why i took so much damage while trying for only glancing blows.
  10. been playing for 65 hours and a single loop is still an accomplishment for me furthest ive got is the crystal caves on the first loop... once. all other loops i never got past the desert.
  11. I've really discovered just how hard the throne gets the longer the fight goes whilst trying to loop with melting. I honestly think i might swap a golden wrench over to him. On the note of melee and long arms, one HUGE advantage that melee has that I never really appreciated is the ability to hit through walls. Especially with long arms, it becomes an extremely effective tactic in the tighter levels to simply maneuver around the level, keeping terrain in between you and the enemy, and just safely taking out everything before it even comes within line of sight.
  12. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    Just gotta lay off the thumpers and use riskier weapons. Paragon is a real crutch for me but I've been using the grenade rifle more and more, as its a super solid weapon, but has weaknesses (like the AoE that makes it suicidal up close) that are fun to play around, rather than the paragon which, while effective, is also effectively just point and kill. I like that mortar over the recoilless for similar reasons. On a slightly related note, sorry about all those mortar team kills.
  13. What other secret moves lie in wait i wonder
  14. did they do a sneaky patch? i just got killed by a charging attack by the big green rat which I have not seen AT ALL in my god knows how many runs before now
  15. the gun youre holding silly (primary) welp, in my attempt to unlock the second skin for fish (by looping with all characters) ive narrowed down to melting and rogue. The hardest dang characters in the game for sure. Melting is too damn squishy and the extra idpd from rogue always get me Seeing as I've now played each character semi extensively, heres my quick take on all of them: Fish - i never bother with the roll or getting the throne butt, but you really do get tons of ammo, esp with more drops. Also, when you loop you get the guitar, which is a fun melee weapon (basically a super wrench) Crystal - deflecting shots is super handy, but I'm not good enough to use the throne butt effectively, i just get screwed by the shortened duration Eyes - seeing in the dark is handy, but the real draw is throne butt TK in the final area. Clears out those green goop balls. Kinda hard to balance the shot push with the enemy pull in other situations (tk is great on big dog, until he shoots missiles and you pull them into you without noticing and kill yourself) Melting - hard as balls, maybe easier than rogue if youre lucky with upgrades though. I can never really use the corpse explosions effectively, they sort of just act as a panic button, or you can save up a bunch in an area, in which case they seem to sort of unbunch themselves to cover a wider AoE. They are a godsend in the area with the necromancers for obvious reasons. Plant - the snare is alright for slowing, but has some cool utility that isnt instantly apparent. It provides a wide area of light in the dark levels, and can block fire completely. And of course is super good for finishing bosses/big enemies once you get throne butt. YV - brrrap Steroids - i like robot the best, but end up playing steroids almost more often just because its easy to not have to switch weapons and spam the fire button. Robot - start with a golden gun and never run out of anything Chicken - i actually think the throne butt makes the throw worse, as without piercing you can easily retrieve your weapon after killing something. I suppose its for quickly grapping junk off the ground for a throw but that takes too much effort for me. Also I never have been as furious over drop rates as I have for health in the last few seconds of a chicken run. Rebel - great with sharp teeth as someone who wasnt me pointed out. One of the characters along with fish and horror who has a passive so good you dont even really need to use her ability. Horror - laser isnt really worth the rads unless youre using it along with healing once you get throne butt, and are maybe out of ammo as well. stronk passive and looks adorable EDIT: I'm a big dummy. Any rads used to damage an enemy will be dropped again by that enemy once it dies. Rogue - less rads, I always get overwhelmed by idpd spawning in at the worst times, and the portal strike is hard to aim with a controller :'(
  16. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    I'm going to posit the theory that there is a cap to how many enemies can spawn at once from patrols, and that changes with number of players. I've noticed in singleplayer if there's already a group or two of enemies active and a patrol spots me, nothing else will spawn from the alarm.
  17. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    Has anyone else noticed scaling of difficulty with different numbers of players? Just did a helldive mission with only one other person, and there were a bunch of patrols but when we did get spotted not many bugs showed up... I asked him if it scales down (we had just done a difficulty 9 dive with 3 and there were way more bugs!) but he said it didn't. I am personally not so sure.
  18. crown of narrow future or whatever if i have a good build going and im feelin risky crown of risk if i happen to be at full health and have good healing options but yeah bare head fair head most of the time
  19. yeah double wrench or double screwdriver is pretty fantastic on steroids Permanent wall of bullet deflection
  20. Robot is especially great once you get a golden gun for him, as he eats em for four times the bonus of a regular gun (5 times with throne butt), so its nice to have a little nest egg for when you need it in the mid game. On that note, steroids is especially not good with golden guns, unless they fire bullets, as he only swaps out one of his revolvers, not both, and if its a grenade launcher then he'll start with zero revolver ammo. Explosives i use pretty regularly if i come across anythign that isnt the basic grenade launcher, and theyre less risky for me as ive taken to picking up boiling veins to go aggressive on lil hunter without having to worry about his dang jetpack flames. My absolute weapons of choice, however, are things that shoot tons of bullets - if i have an accuracy upgrade - such as the triple machinegun or minigun, seeker weapons, and lightning weapons. Cannot be arsed with precision aiming. Getting the recycle gland and all the other ammo sustain abilities with steroids and just unloading on everything with two miniguns is extremely satisfying. I initially wasnt too hot on the game back in early access and woul only play it occasionally, but since release (and gamepad support! yay!) i started playing it a bit heavier, and then after beating the game once and then unlocking all the characters (with help from the wiki) ive resolved to try to go for all the B skins as well, as insane a venture as that might be (only got em for YV and robot so far). Recently its basically the only game i play. I just go full zen flow state on it whilst listening to podcasts. It and helldivers are scratching a maddening twinstick shooter itch i never knew i had. Also in regards to spoilers about this game, i won't say anything without a tag other than just go look at the goddamn wiki, there is way too much obscure shit to figure out on your own, also it makes the revolver sound and shakes the screen whenever you click anywhere on the page.
  21. Is robot everyones fave? I'm also a big fan, but its a tough choice between him, steroids (for convenience) and YV (because one shotting the final boss with a brrrap is fun)
  22. So i dunno if anyone even owns this/wants to play it but i picked it up from a humble bumble a while back after owning it on 360 and now im really itching for another run through. Unfortunately, the coop AI is as mandatory as it is terrible, so I'm kinda restricted to prostrating myself here for a resident buddy. So yeah if anyone wants to play some, a lot, a little, whatever (hopefully as far through as possible). http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053912619/
  23. Helldivers

    fine on a 970 not much in the way of settings if youre running on a not high end rig tho