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  1. Hyper Light Drifter

    Went through with the help of some guides and collected all the diamonds and tablets and enough keys to open the door in town (I won't spoil what's down there but it's pretty fantastic). Also picked up the last two weapons. Not sure I love the rubbing against walls method of secret collection, but it is impressive how much stuff they managed to hide in plain sight.
  2. Hyper Light Drifter

    the table in the house where you wake up in in town shows a diagram of the north part of the map with some triangles filled in, which sorta indicates your objective to be up that way. It's also probably the smallest area, so it feels like an introductory dungeon.
  3. Hyper Light Drifter

    If you dash while a bullet is right near you you consume stamina to bring up a little shield that absorbs bullets around you as you dash, and charges your weapon. i kinda prefer the bullet reflect as it's a lot more offensive and can cover your mistakes when you go to slash just as an enemy attacks with a projectile. As for boss order, there's not really any distinct sequence for which to go for first, but most people end up north as that's where the game points you in the beginning. The game as a whole is quite non linear, only really gating you twice in terms of critical objectives.
  4. Hyper Light Drifter

    I'm going off the signs in town to try and decipher the glyphs. Here is my progress so far on the alphabet. Remember, there is probably several mistakes made: http://puu.sh/o3o0B/e78befd1ed.png Things that may or may not be true about the glyphs that I'm just kinda assuming at this point -A glyph can stand for multiple letters -They read from left to right, top to bottom -A line break does not necessarily indicate the end of a word Edit : I've used these rules and that alphabet so far to decipher the various signs in town as SWORD MASTER (sword symbol) DASH ARENA (dash symbol) WEAPONS (gun symbol) TECH SHOP (grenade symbol) APOTHECARY (medkit symbol) Double edit: And of course someone beat me to the rest of it. Oh well! was fun doing the ones in town, but i think all the monoliths were a bit beyond me.
  5. Hyper Light Drifter

    I think it's worth noting that the dash move has no invulnerability frames, so basically you either get out of the way of an attack or you get busted. Finished the game yersterday, now I'm going through collecting all the secrets, of which there are a ton that I missed. And it's not like oh you missed this one door behind which is an upgrade point and a health pack; there are entire encounters structured completely uniquely that are hidden away all over the game world. I think its one of the most satisfying action games in the past few years. Beau Blyth aka teknopants (Made samurai gunn and a bunch of other cool local multiplayer games) who did all the combat design brings such a delicous sticky slidey-ness to the game. All of the skills you unlock feel strong and meaningful in their own right and open up new and intensely satisfying options in combat and the old school predictable pattern boss design is executed extremely well (if you can get over the initial hump that some people are experiencing. For what it's worth, the first boss was one of the hardest and most frustrating fights. Things go a lot smoother once you get a feel for the mechanics) Some advice for people finding themselves against a wall in the early game: The chain dash and bullet slash upgrades help a ton, as does the grenade for a more economic panic button. If you get stuck, remember there are three whole quadrants of the map you can go to, and also that there are multiple paths through each of them. Also, they recently patched in a speedier revival animation after dying, which should soften that particular blow significantly. The chain dash is kinda tricky to get the hang of at first but it pays off loads in boss fights. Also it is worth noting the timing is most demanding on the first chain, after which there's actually a fairly long buffer in which to input the next dash.
  6. XCOM 2

    Yeah I can only speak for veteran. Didn't even know the drops were less common on higher difficulties.
  7. wrong thread

    oogie doogie
  8. XCOM 2

    might I recommend picking up vulture asap to get swimmin in cores+weapon upgrades
  9. XCOM 2

    Took me a few attempts. Ended up going through the game on rookie just so I could learn what to expect from the various missions/enemies, as well as to survive long enough to find out which late game toys to go for.
  10. XCOM 2

    Beat a veteran ironman run! Turns out the secret to success is to just build and use as many mimic beacons as possible. those things are crazy good at keeping your soldiers alive.
  11. Dailies finally got fixed!
  12. XCOM 2

    And you don't get to keep any of them...
  13. Frozen Cortex

    man there's always a couple people round my level online when I'm on but none of them actually want to play/respond to my challenges at all. Finding a real promising looking multiplayer game but showing up too late to the community is such a downer :'(
  14. Frozen Cortex

    you are challenged my man
  15. XCOM 2

  16. XCOM 2

    skulljacking also says it has a 70% success rate, like skullmining, but ive never missed with it and im not sure you can
  17. it is... almost definately going to be more than another week
  18. hate to be a flake-o-matic but the laptop that had the in built webcam i was gonna use is no longer functioning as intended (turning on). It's been on and off the fritz for a while so I probably shoulda expected this but yeah I'm gonna be cam-less for at least this session. Should I just join up next week if possible, or go faceless, or what?
  19. Frozen Cortex

    I picked this up in a sale recently and with it I'm gonna hope that people are still playing/want to play. Name is Wooben in game/on steam if anyone is willing.
  20. XCOM 2

    Actually instead of going through all the animations it plays them all simultaneously, just staggered out a bit so it looks a bit more natural. I use it just cause I like the look of it over watching all my squadmates but the last disappear as I tab through them.
  21. XCOM 2

    There's a bunch of quality of life improvements on the steam workshop already, along with some extra cosmetic stuff, which is nice. Unfortunately none of the stuff i subscribe to is actually downloading :'( Edit: just verified cache after trying to get em off the workshop manually and that seems to have fixed it
  22. XCOM 2

    help god help this is too much http://puu.sh/n2MfD/94894e1272.jpg its been a rough couple of rounds this mission is down to just that guy and that troop is on overwatch EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WHAT DO I DO THERES TWO MORE ADVENT BEHIND ME edit: he missed thank christ my heart cant take this
  23. XCOM 2

    Load times are rough on a hybrid drive also. I think the battle scanner reveals faceless and chrysallids, so maybe thatll help getting bumrushed by those particular nasties. Has anyone noticed a screen where its just a weird little light in the dark for like a second after they finish missions? it shows up just before the cutscene of the skyranger landing. Wonder if anyone else has gotten it/what the heck it is. Heres a screenshot http://puu.sh/mYcxs/954fd64ef3.png
  24. XCOM 2

    Wow okay how's this for a bug. Was assaulting a landed UFO, tried sneaking in a ranger to disable the distress beacon. Was one turn off reaching it, but i thought hey, maybe i can destroy it instead. Went to throw a grenade and it gave the friendly fire warning. Made me think that you needed the control panel intact to disable it. Fortunately I thought well, what the heck, worth a try since I'm not going to reach it anyways. Turns out that despite the warning, destroying it disables the beacon, so it's actually a good thing to chuck a grenade at it. So yeah, heads up about that.