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  1. Recently completed video games

    I finished Broforce earlier today and thought it was alright. I really like all the different characters and the random nature of who you play as kept me on feet and was fun expect for the few moments I felt a little screwed over. The main thing that really kept me from loving it was that I felt like it never seemed to pick up a good flow. There were just some points where I would die a lot and felt like the game didn't put me back in the action fast enough. I also felt this sometimes after completing some of the really short levels. Didn't love it but a good humble monthly pick that I wouldn't have played otherwise.
  2. Recently completed video games

    Picked up Westerado: Double Barreled from a current humble bundle and I think it's one of those games that gave me a lot to think about but I don't think I had that much fun with. I never really got the hang of the combat, which was my main issue with it, but I really like how it worked around a lot of the problems with open world games like it. The way it's set up it's possible to trigger the final mission from the very beginning so completing quests doesn't open gates to the final quest but instead provides you with additional information to get to it. You can kill literally every NPC and it won't break the game which I think is super neat way to design this type of game. Like I ended completing a quest that ended up locking off nearly all of my active quests but it didn't matter because I had enough information to find my family's killer and found him after just a few minutes. It was really satisfying to complete a quest that I found appealing in terms of narrative and not be punished for it just because it required murdering the entirety of the central town.
  3. Recently completed video games

    Picked up THOTH after hearing it was the new thing by the guy who made 140 and liked it so much that influenced me to get a humble monthly sub (it was offered this month). Just a new twin stick shooter that introduces new mechanics every four levels for the player to work through. The levels or short but the game only saves every four levels so if you die on the fourth in the set you're gonna be sent back to the first. People seem to hate this but I didn't mind it and sometimes playing through early levels in a set would improve my strategy for the level I was stuck on. Definitely a good use of three hours.
  4. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I think I'm quitting Axiom Verge at the last area. Generally I loved this game. The atmosphere, the movement, all the interesting power-ups all clicked with me so well but eventually I felt that I just lost my patience for this game and was no longer having fun. Totally worth my time and money, but not enough to push through bits where I wasn't having fun just to see the end.
  5. Recently completed video games

    Finished two short ones recently. Grow Home was a pretty excellent game to play while in a bad mood. Such a calming experience when you aren't falling to your death. The movement feels surprisingly good for a game where the movement is purposefully awkward. Similar but also very different was Journey. Don't really have a whole lot to say about this one other than it was just a beautiful experience. Was especially in awe during that last bit.
  6. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    The atmosphere does hold up today....kind of. Like I really liked putting on my high quality headphones I have for my transcribing job, consuming some illicit substances, and just kind of getting lost in that weird little world. I found the setting to be fascinating and really wanted to learn more about but the process of learning about the world really kicks you out of the immersion. Even the most special of worlds lose what makes them so special when most of the time you spend of them is walking at a slow crawl with so little pay off. I started playing Planescape: Torment a few days ago and I can't help but compare the two despite being pretty different. While the combat is similarly mindless and horrible, the world of Torment drew me in instantly while with Morrowind most of my experience was like "this world seems like it could be really neat" rather than feeling neat.
  7. Person of Interest

    I'm only like four episodes into the first season and I'm at the same place with it. I love the concept but the execution just is not there yet and Reese is generic unlikable action man. I definitely plan on keeping with it though thanks to the interesting ideas and the praise that makes it seem that promise is eventually realized. It's really highlighting to me that sometimes it can be really hard to find new shows to watch because a lot of great shows have lackluster first seasons but you can't really just skip ahead because you end up missing important character development/world building that contributes to later seasons paying off.
  8. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    After 11 hours I decided I was done with Morrowind. When I reached the ten hour mark I was like, "I've been playing this game for a bit and I still do not know if I like it or not but I'll keep trying." And then the next night I played an hour doing some small side quests, neglected to save, died wandering into somewhere I shouldn't of wandered into, and I was like "okay I think that's enough of this." It's not the game's fault I forgot to save but after that I felt like there wasn't much that made me want to make up that lost progress, even knowing the game is open enough that I could have made it up with completely different quests. I don't know, I've heard a lot about great the game's side quests are but I just wasn't seeing it. All the ones I did were just a lot of traveling to do one quick task and then traveling all the way back to tell the person I did it with little story pay off. Sure each quest built out the world a little bit more but never enough that it made walking forever at the slowest damn speed worth it. I've played enough of it to be believe the people who say there is something really special about this game but I've run out of the patience to find it for myself. It was worth trying, it's definitely the most I enjoyed an Elder Scrolls game and it was neat to get a little look what it did different from modern games (ie written directions instead of quest markers. Which is neat and rewarding in a way but not really Hell maybe I'll give it another shot someday but for now it's time to find something a little (or a lot lmao) faster paced.
  9. Recently completed video games

    Like some others, I also just finished the new DOOM. Honestly it took me some time to get into it. Early on I was just lost for absurdly long periods of time and all the talk about secrets on various podcasts coerced me into spending too much time trying to find them. I eventually got used to the more open level design and just kind of gave up on the secrets and enjoyed it a lot more. Once I got into it I loved it. All the weapons, and their alt fires, were all really fun to use and it was fun figuring out what's best for each situation. I also didn't really care for the boss fights at all and there was a point during the final boss where I was considering just quitting the game but I stuck through it. By the time I reached the last level I felt the game maybe lasted just an hour or two too long but overall I really enjoyed it.
  10. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    Yeah I did the same thing but just with the car exit. It wasn't ideal but I just wasn't coming up with anything better.
  11. Idle Weekend July 10, 2016: Roughing It

    I've moved a few times the past few years, just to different places in the same city, and each move tends to include a week or two without internet which usually means a week of two of deep diving into what I've downloaded in the past and actually playing them. Last year this game was ActRaiser, a game I dropped before even getting to the city building part, but fell in love with after my lack on internet connection made me give it more of a chance. The city building stuff is very surface level gameplay wise but I thought it was a really neat way to deliver the narrative. I loved it so much that I ended up walking to my college's campus to download a rom of spiritual successor Soul Blazer onto my phone to upload to my computer shortly after I finished.
  12. SGDQ 2016

    Working the 12-8 AM shift at work so I'm excited to spend it watching this lmao.
  13. Like pretty much everyone else, I'm nervous about the new hire but damn am I excited for Austin's new site. His guest feature project makes it clear that he'll really nail it in terms of building a team with a variety of perspectives.
  14. Recently completed video games

    It took me several months because it demanded play sessions longer than I often had time for but I just finished Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Gameplay wise it didn't really convert me into a CRPG fan, but as someone who wasn't really there for the combat it totally worked and there weren't any runs that felt particularly unfun or unfair. I obviously would've gotten more of out the story if a 12 hour game didn't take me like 4 months but it's definitely where the game shines. I'm no stranger to narrative choice in games but this was probably the first game where those choices actually felt hard and even challenged my sense of real world morality (which is kind of exactly what I want my sci-fi to do). I picked up Hong Kong in that recent bundle and I'm not ready to jump right into but I am excited to check it out in the near future for sure.
  15. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I made a lot of mistakes, found a weird bug, and then I died.