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  1. Episode 348: Civilization at 25

    Good stuff. Feel like this kind of puts a cap on all the various Civ discussions over the past years. Appreciate the acknowledgement of "casual players", sometimes feels like I'm alone in that category
  2. Recently completed video games

    After hundreds of hours in Civilization of which 175 in Civ V, I finished a Civ V game at Prince (~standard) difficulty for the first time the other day. That counts as finishing the game, right? It's an odd thing. You hear stories about people hurrying through the God Emperor of Dune difficulty a few days after launch, so this seems like a small thing, but at the same time I'm terrible at anything that requires the sort of slightly messy optimization Civ asks for. I guess as long as I enjoy my time it's cool. Next, maybe I'll get back to Frozen Cortex. The short-term tactical stuff is way more up my alley, and games not taking five hours also helps. Still haven't finished that campaign, although I've had a few good shots.
  3. The Big VR Thread

    Today in technology you have to get ABSOLUTELY RIGHT for it to not be COMPLETELY HORRIBLE Really though, sounds promising. You're still missing some senses - feeling and seeing motion without knowing that your legs or arms are causing it can probably be pretty horrible still. That said it's another step towards spending the rest of my life in a corner near the AC outlet.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I'm new! Been listening to the podcast for a while - although I listened to 3MA first - and I figured I could spend some of my lazy summer vacation time in here. Instead of reading, watching TV or playing games I'll be talking about those things to people, which is surely better. Outside of summer I'm a student hoping to be an embedded software engineer some day. In my free time I used to sing in a choir and once upon a time I was a boy scout leader. Geography has been cruel to me, so these days I mostly read, watch TV and occasionally play a game.
  5. Books, books, books...

    I watched some of the TV adaptation of Under the Dome a while ago. I haven't actually read any Stephen King in forever, but the TV series based on his books do have a habit of grabbing me .. for a while. Haven't been keeping up with Haven lately, things got slightly tedious. Myself, I've been reading James S.A. Corey's Expanse series of sci-fi novels. Hadn't - somehow - heard of them before, but had a bit about an upcoming TV adaptation (seeing a pattern here) and the premise sounded interesting enough. Hoo boy, it is. Civil and colonial strife among humans who are spread out across the solar system makes for some very interesting situations. The first book is half military sci-fi, half almost-hardboiled detective, but those settings and styles are always in service of the story. The second book is less military and more political in nature, so it smoothly turns into whatever it needs to be. Pretty nice use of POV characters, too, with lots of overlapping chapters which I hadn't seen before.