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  1. Idle Weekend February 13, 2017: Stat Decay

    This episode prompted me to check out Legion, and I'm glad I did. The incidental music sounded very familiar and I couldn't put my finger on it...until one of the main characters was named as Sydney Barrett.
  2. Idle Thumbs 223: Troll Clone Today

    Great robot news this episode. It's a highlight of the show for me, and I have to say the same for the Fallout Shelter stuff. Exceptionally entertaining, and one of the few things I look forward to during the week. Thanks!
  3. Although not as good as the first season, the second season was still better than 90% of what's on television these days. The incredibly strong (and completely unexpected) performances of the four leads made this season compelling and wothwhile watching. It will be remembered not for it's writing or direction, but for it's superb acting. EDIT: I should have said five strong lead performances, because Kelly Reilly was a joy to watch as well.
  4. True Detective Weekly 3: Maybe Tomorrow

    I never even considered Vince Vaughn to be an actor of any import until I saw True Detective season two. Now I think he's pretty good. Has he been in anything that wasn't a peurile comedy or a Jurassic Park sequel before this?
  5. Recently completed video games

    Alien Isolation. Fantastic game, but it only felt that way when I gave up the sheer bloody-mindedness of racing for the end. Once I accepted that it was a slow, methodical crawl, I gave up worrying about the length or difficulty, and really allowed myself to get immersed in the Alien universe. Capturing a sci-fi scenario (from literature or film) has never been accomplished as well as this game does it. I've got to thank Danielle R. for giving this game it's due in the alternative press. I think she will be vindicated in time.