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  1. The Great Debate: Legalization

    lol i am confuse ignore this
  2. Post your face!

    German Polack Eye-Tye Mixed Breed! oh....Face...
  3. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    wat the fug is a gator?? for some reason im thinking of Airboats, belligerent floridians, and crawfish (might be time to go grab some lunch)
  4. The threat of Big Dog

    Saw this yesterday, made me chuckle. I hope this isnt some pathetic subconscious attempt of mine to pander, but I think this is an interesting retort considering the topic. I would even go so far as to say what I wrote could possibly be written by a computer sometime in the future, whereas your answer could not. 1)You are not only questioning my theory of human intellect being fundamentally superior to anything devised of circuits, you are wondering if an AI might attempt to convince people that it is stupid, in the hopes that we let down our guard so to speak. 2) To make matters even more meta, the statement is also questioning whether or not a robot would attempt to decieve us into thinkig it is stupid not through deeds(i.e. acting like a computer), but through masquerading as a human on a forum about video games and attempting to prove its stupidity in theory. if im not mistaken that right there is a form of nuanced contingency planning, and its also reminiscient of what the poker crowd would call "leveling", i.e what if he thinks i think he thinks and so on. Its also very paranoid, which in my opinion is one of our greatest intellectual assets..xD My statement on the other hand is just a series of simple conclusions, based on the bit of data ive collected so far from poker and being an armchair general As far as I am aware I am most certainly not a robot. Unless you believe in simulation theory, in which case we are all AIs in one of many universe simulations that bored neckbeards are running in their futuristic basements in the year 13337... (personally I just think Philip K. Dick did a wee bit too many amphetamines..the man was a genius but damn freelance writin be rough) probably shouldnt judge, im high as fuck right now I hope im making sense
  5. The Great Debate: Legalization

    Stoner "culture" can be really grating, its kind of a circlejerk thats been around longer than the internet To be fair though, youve probably met quite a few people that smoke say a bowl of indica in the evening instead of a glass of wine, but would never tell anyone or broadcast their...tastes precisely because they dont want to be associated with the highly annoying and often arrogant 420smokeit crowd
  6. The threat of Big Dog

    "Unstoppable" is a myth. Just like "full spectrum dominance", "unilateral hegemony" and similar terms that are thrown around an AI coming to the conclusion that it is "unstoppable" already means that it is not. All warfare is based on deception, and we are the prime decievers, "AI" will never live up to that any time soon. you can be the most powerful...system in the world, not gonna help if you are maneuvered into say..attacking yourself. a spastic, adhd 15-year old strung out on malt liquor and dirt shiggy will still be able to defeat the most advanced AI in a game of deception/unsolved game/game of incomplete information Im assuming we are still talking about cards here. When you start to ponder the chaos of modern 4G maneuver warfare like say Syria/Iraq or Eastern Ukraine, and you multiply that chaos times the simulacrum of propaganda, ideology, intelligence agencies, and cold, heartless realpolitik....well the prospect of an AI being effective in any way goes from unrealistic to downright ludicrous.
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello thumbs, I am long time listener have many laffs when I listen I think some things we are different thought, but I have many respect for show Daniele is good add, she play games