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  1. I like how they are mounted to the ceiling, so everybody can already get used to them carelessly walking all over us.
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    Hi everyone! Listener Reader from Germany here. Been listening to Idle Thumbs for a couple of years now, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Made me see some games differently and think about some favorites in new and interesting ways, which I think is really cool. I'm at the age when I have to actively make time for my hobbies, so very happy to be able to listen read a cast in my ears on the way home and share the Thumbs' enthusiasm for gaming Started my gaming on an Amiga 500 and mostly been a PC gamer ever since. I do own a couple of consoles as well at this point, but so far can see little incentive for getting a current gen one (though Bloodborne might change that at some point). Favorite games I can think of: System Shock 2, Quake, Deus Ex. Farcry 2, obviously (try the "realistic" damage mod and the enemy-announcing music turned off!). Some weeks ago my gaming PC imploded, which made me revisit some older games that I used to enjoy and give them another spin. I got into the habit of saving some memorable moments from the games I'm playing, so here's some blasts from the past for your enjoyment: Rainbow Six Rogue Spear: Comanche Gold: The Longest Journey: Looking forward to maybe meeting some like-minded people. Game on my friends
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